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Alderfer Glass Explains How to Protect Door & Window Glass from Environmental Stressors


Quakertown, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/30/2024 --Alderfer Glass, a local glass specialist designing and installing windows and doors in Warrington, PA, has provided crucial insights into safeguarding glass against various environmental stressors. Here's what homeowners should know:

Sunlight and ultraviolet rays are some of the main factors that can lead to the brittleness and discoloration of glass. UV exposure can not only undermine the glass's visual qualities but also impact its structural integrity, potentially resulting in increased energy costs due to poor insulation.

The guide also emphasizes the significant risks posed by weather-related elements. Glass surfaces are vulnerable to damage from high winds, which can drive debris against them, causing scratches or cracks. Precipitation, such as rain, can leave mineral deposits that etch the surface over time, while temperature fluctuations may cause the glass to expand and contract, which could result in cracking.

Addressing concerns about physical and chemical abrasions, Alderfer Glass advises on the importance of regular maintenance. Positioning glass items in low-traffic areas and using non-abrasive cleaning tools are recommended to minimize risks. Moreover, selecting appropriate cleaning agents is critical; harsh chemicals can corrode glass, whereas mild, glass-friendly products are endorsed for their safety and effectiveness.

To enhance glass resilience, applying protective coatings or films is advocated. These can shield against UV rays and add a layer of strength, helping to prevent scratches and contain glass shards upon breakage.

Strategic placement and design choices are also crucial. Using tempered or laminated glass can provide better durability against environmental stresses. Installing glass in areas shielded from direct sunlight or employing shades can significantly reduce UV exposure.

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