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Alegant Law Firm: Open for Philadelphia Slip and Fall Cases

With the opening of Alegant Law in Philadelphia. There is hope for anyone involved in a slip and fall accident in Pennsylvania.


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2018 --Alegant Law Offices, and its chief injury attorney, Kimberly Ruch – Alegant, Esq., is proud to announce the opening of a new law practice with a focus on premises liability and Personal injury.

The law firm's purpose is to represent injured victims of slip and fall, trip and fall incidents and other injury cases in their fight for compensation against negligent defendants.

The firm has injury lawyers who are licensed to practice law in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

If someone is hurt by another parties negligence, then you have a right to sue in the courts for just compensation. Demanding justice for the harms inflicted upon them. A Consult with an Alegant Law injury attorney is completely free.

Everybody has a right to bodily safety, and when that right is violated, it is only fair that the responsible party is held accountable by remedying the situation. This remedy, of course, is either a pre-trial cash settlement of your injury claim, or a verdict from a jury of your peers awarding you monetary damages for having your right to bodily autonomy violated. The lawyers at Alegant Law are experts at both.

It is not necessary to know what your legal rights are in a slip and fall, that's ok, because the accident attorneys there will give you the legal advice you need to make the most of your case. Since their team of injury lawyers work on a contingent fee basis, there is absolutely nothing to risk, and potentially much to gain.

Sometimes an accident is just an accident, but other times its a case of negligence, and their legal professionals know the difference. They take the time to seriously and patiently evaluate your unique circumstances because while people get hurt every day, all the time, but each instance of injury is unique.

If someone has neglected their legal duty to keep their land, premises, or property in generally safe and well-maintained conditions, and a person was injured on those defects, contact them to determine if you have a case for compensation due to your trip and fall or slip and fall injuries.

There is no attorney's fees unless we win in court or negotiate a settlement of your claim. Taken together, the premises liability lawyers at Alegant Law have decades of experience in successfully serving their injured clients.