Alex Grimmer

Alex Grimmer Brings Music to Life with His Deadwax Art Collection

Alex Grimmer, a Los Angeles- based vinyl record artist is growing and expanding his Deadwax art collection. His unique pieces cover a variety of musical genres, with something available to suit every taste in music. The handcrafted designs and the ability to order a custom piece as a special gift, make a Deadwax piece an one-of-a kind heirloom to add to any art collection. To learn more about Alex Grimmer and his Deadwax Art Collection, visit


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2020 --Alex Grimmer has made his mark on the pop culture art scene in Los Angeles. According to Grimmer, his unique work is "handcrafted artwork from original vinyl records." That statement right there is why the artwork is so highly-regarded. The custom-touch that Grimmer brings to each and every piece is what sets his Deadwax Art Collection apart from others. He is all about taking something that has been destroyed or that is no longer valuable and transforming it into something new through art. A simple vinyl record that might seem worthless takes new life under Grimmer's careful hand.

The Deadwax art collection is extremely diverse and has different genres that can satisfy a wide range of individual tastes. With the popularity of records in the retro music community, Alex Grimmer finds his art catering towards more vintage artists. From pop to hip-hop, rock to country, and everything in between, Grimmer's Deadwax art collection has something for everyone. Including one or multiple Deadwax pieces in an art collection is always a signature move and a unique addition.

When you visit the Deadwax art website, you will find a variety of unique and beautiful works to choose from. Every piece was handcrafted by Alex Grimmer at his Los Angeles studio. His work has been shown in many exhibits and displayed in high profile galleries like The Walt Grace Vintage Room in Miami, Florida. Grimmer's work has also been featured at The Other Art Fair in Dallas, Texas. Custom commissions from the Deadwax Art Collection can be found hanging in recording studios, showrooms, offices, rehearsal studios, and custom homes. Like how a song can make you feel and take you to a familiar place, Grimmer's Deadwax art collection will do the same when you see it.

About Alex Grimmer
Alex Grimmer is a vinyl record artist based in Los Angeles, CA. His Deadwax art collection is quickly emerging in the musical art scene. His unique pieces cover multiple music genres and there is a piece available for anyone to enjoy according to their taste in music. Grimmer also offers custom orders for clients wanting a specific artist or genre. To learn more about Alex Grimmer and his Deadwax Art Collection, visit