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All Belly Pregnancy: Flavia Del Monte Reveals Her Little-Known Method for Staying "Hot Mama" Fit During Every Trimester (Full Review)


Moscow, ID -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/24/2013 --All Belly Pregnancy by Flavia Del Monte, a brand new program for expectant mothers seeking to stay fit and healthy throughout their entire pregnancy has just been released to the public, drawing a no holds barred review from's, Sterling Krosby.

"The second we heard about the Flavia Del Monte All Belly Pregnancy program and the buzz it was creating online, we knew we needed to get the inside scoop for our website visitors," reports Krosby. "Being a first time mom can be an extremely scary and stressful situation. Many women experience fear, doubt, and outright terror that they'll do something wrong, their baby won't be healthy, or they will lose their figure, become less attractive, and feel like a 'beached whale' during and after pregnancy. And the horror stories about morning sickness, being bloated, heartburn, and constant hormone changes (not to mention the seemingly endless questions about what you should and shouldn't do during pregnancy) don't help. The All Belly Pregnancy package can really help alleviate those fears."

The intent of the downloadable All Belly Pregnancy ebook and video program is to show women how to exercise and eat trimester by trimester with the goals of keeping off excess weight, creating an environment for the baby to be healthier, happier, smarter, and stronger, conquering the physical challenges of labor, and bouncing back faster and easier to their "hot mama" body.

Components of the program include the How To Exercise When Expecting, What To Eat When Expecting, and How To Supplement When Expecting PDF ebooks, The Workout Guide, several limited-time launch bonuses, and access to a private member's forum where women can get answers to any and all questions and concerns they have about their pregnancy.

"Most diet and exercise programs currently available aren't suitable if you are carrying an unborn baby or they take an 'all-in-one' approach that fails to recognize that a woman's nutritional and exercise needs are different for each trimester," says Krosby. "Understanding the need for this type of information, fitness expert Flavia Del Monte has gone all out by partnering with the 'go-to' trainer for pregnant women, Ryan Watson, to provide women with a complete roadmap to a healhty pregnancy. All of the diet tips, exercise routines, and workout programs are based on the latest scientific research and are suitable for every woman who has questions or concerns about how to stay fit and healthy throughout the entire pregnancy process."

For those wishing to purchase the product, All-Belly Pregnancy is available via instant download from the official All Belly Pregnancy website.

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