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All-Inclusive Fitness Boot Camp Fit Farm Announces Unique Program Delivering Training Plus a Chance to Watch Solar Eclipse 2017 in Tennessee

Getting into amazing shape is often a life changing event. Fit Farm, a holistic all-inclusive fitness boot camp located in Nashville, is opening up the doors to make a breakthrough in this area even more cool and memorable – by holding a training program that ends with watching the solar eclipse 2017 in Tennessee. Early excitement is high.


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2017 --There's something very special about sweating under the stars. All inclusive, holistic fitness boot camp Fit Farm is set to take that to the next level, with the recent announcement they will be holding a special event at their camp designed for stargazers, eclipse watchers, astronomy aficionados, fitness enthusiasts and people hoping to get in better shape alike. One week of first class training and nutrition capped off with watching the solar eclipse 2017 in Tennessee in the picturesque camp amid Nashville's rolling hills just outside the halo and glow of Music City, which just happens to be 100% within the eclipse path of totality.

"We're beyond happy to offer special interesting classes including an eclipse-watching day at camp," commented Kristin Intress, owner of Fit Farm. "The 'cosmic flare' helps us illustrate our commitment to community, education, and motivation at Fit Farm. We're giving tools beyond the workouts and a life changing experience to remember. Fitness is Universal. If anything, we hope that this special time to connect with the natural outdoors, with one's self, and with true wellness – in the universal sense,… shows that we're not a 5-star hotel. We're a 5 million star fitness retreat."

According to Fit Farm, their Solar Eclipse 2017 Package is not only the best place to watch the solar eclipse 2017 in Tennessee, but also allows guests to access personally curated fitness and wellness programs put together by their world-class team of highly skilled and motivated certified personal trainers, nutritionists, and wellness experts of all kinds. Their integrated approach has been shown again and again to deliver results that are often quite stunning. All in a breathtaking Music City fitness getaway taking place in 12 exclusive training areas spanning 80,000 square feet, across the 160 acres of Fit Farm's pure fitness retreat playground.

Fit Farm is rising in popularity with everyone from executives, entrepreneurs, musicians, entertainers, and normal people just looking for a fitness change of pace in all the best ways. In addition to the top training and wellness coverage, the cabin and lodge life are also exceptional, leaving no stone unturned – on either the design or functional hospitality fronts. From Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and more than comfortable sleeping environment (think retro-modern hotel room more than actual cabin environment), to well-appointed executive center nooks in the main lodge sanctuary loft and a fully-stocked general store with mail reception, stepping away to get more fit has never been as smooth and seamless by design. Clients of all kinds have enthusiastically praised the experience.

Michael S., from Atlanta, recently said in a five-star review, "I came to Fit Farm for a week to help get back into the shape I was in when I was in the military. Did they ever deliver! The instruction hit the perfect balance between being challenging and encouraging and the trainers and nutritionist exceeded every expectation – and what I mean by that is the food. The food is utterly amazing. I can see me coming back for a 'tune up' and to reconnect many times in the future. The results and the fun I had are too hard to pass up. Definitely a brag-worthy adventure! I expect colleagues and friends I've mentioned Fit Farm to, to also sign up. There's many people that need to get their fitness,… and really 'life' priorities in shape and Fit Farm gives a chance to do that free from distraction."

For more information on the week of August 21st, 2017 solar eclipse, and star gazing at Fit Farm, be sure to visit and

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