All-Natural Hair Care and Personal Care Becomes Affordable with the Innate Life


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2017 --New natural personal care set, The Innate Life Box is changing the way people approach hair and skin care. Convenient, affordable, and all-natural, consumers no longer have to pick through various products to cover all their personal care needs and they can feel good knowing they will be avoiding exposure to harmful toxins found in regular products. The Innate Life Box was created by Bhavna Kashyap, founder of the popular Innate Life brand.

When Kashyap discovered that a vast number of beauty products are formulated with harmful chemicals, she was shocked. With her background in chemistry, Kashyap knew what effects these toxic substances could have. This prompted the creation of The Innate Life brand in March, 2016.

The Innate Life launched two haircare products that harnessed the healing power of organic herbs according to Ayurvedic principles, to overwhelming positive feedback. In less than a year, The Innate Life products received more than 900 reviews averaging 5 stars, and Kashyap knew that it was time to expand the line to include personal care products.

The Innate Life has made available to the public a box of 6 products: an herbal shampoo, an herbal conditioner, a bergamot deodorant, a lavender body lotion, a hydrating moisturizer, and a chamomile body wash. Kashyap says that these products were chosen for development and distribution because they tend to be applied and used on a large surface area of the body, so making the switch to all-natural alternatives will significantly decrease the number of toxins to which customers are exposed.

Affordability was also a big concern for Kashyap: "Not only did I want to make clean alternatives to our daily beauty products, but I wanted to offer them at a price tag that people can afford, and that's where The Innate Life Box comes in."

The Innate Life Box is currently available via The Innate Life's Indiegogo campaign, which surpassed all expectations by raising 50 percent of the funding goal within four hours. Two of the nine reward categories are already sold out. Donor rewards are mainly comprised of the in-demand products. Remarkably, all the ingredient lists appear on the campaign page, so prospective donors can see the goodness that goes into each of the products in The Innate Life Box. The Indiegogo campaign, which runs for another month, can be seen at

About The Innate Life
The Innate Life began as an all-natural, non-toxic, organic haircare brand out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Every product contains a signature blend of Ayervedic herbs; none of the plant-based formulas contain any pre-made blends. The Innate Life formulates, manufactures, and ships all its products in-house, and prides itself on products that actually look, feel, and smell completely natural.

The Innate Life's website is found at