ALL SECURE - The Most Secure and Functional Backpack in the World

Now on Kickstarter - ALL SECURE backpack: The "Swiss army knife" backpack made from a unique anti-cut fabric!


La Sagne, Neuchatel -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/02/2017 --We are proud to announce the launch of our innovative ALL SECURE Backpack. The ALL SECURE backpack uses materials and manufacturing techniques from NICT to offer maximum safety and convenience.

The ALL SECURE Backpack is an ideal companion for either day to day use or traveling abroad.

Our passion and inspiration is traveling and we want to explore and experience new places without any inhibitions. So we started creating a product that would offer the maximum security for a traveler's possessions and also meets their needs for comfort and aesthetics. After more than a year of research we are pleased to present the innovative "ALL SECURE" backpack. A backpack that is not only fully functional but has safety as its key focus.

Six key safety features:

A Unique anti-cut fabric– Our backpack is made in a unique fabric that is soft, light, waterproof and cut resistant

Centralized zippers – The zippers are placed strategically against the back of the user and are centralized in the same location that allows them to be joined together by the means of a TSA padlock

RFID safe pockets – Two RFID safe Pockets protect traveler's credit cards and passport.

Cell phone protection – the bag is equipped with an inside pocket to keep a cell phone, and a passage for the headphone cable

Protection against snatch theft - a strap in an anti-cut material allows you to attach your bag to a chair, a table or a bench

Easy access shoulder pockets - two small pockets are located at the shoulder straps of the bag which allows travelers to carry a ticket, cash or even a payment card

All SECURE Application: Each bag comes with a unique identification code that can be registered in our systems. Then anyone who finds your bag can easily identify you as the owner without needing to even open your bag.

Visit ALL SECURE Kickstarter page to pre-order the backpack, and learn more about our backpack and how it can change the way you travel by restoring peace of mind.

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