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Alliance Medical Provides More Details on Pet/CT Scan Preparation and More


Warwick, Warwickshire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2018 --When it comes to medical imaging technology, Alliance Medical is at the forefront. Its clients attest to its reliability and advanced equipment, and patients have long been turning to the facility for their medical imaging needs. Those who need to undergo a PET/CT scan can benefit from highly useful information on the procedure as well, thanks to Alliance Medical's PET/CT scan information page.

Whilst there may be a good number of medical imaging procedures which are being done today, one of the most useful procedures is the PET/CT scan. The PET/CT scan is a kind of procedure and diagnostic imaging tool which is used most commonly in neurology, oncology, inflammation and infection, and cardiology. Additionally, PET/CT scans are used for the planning of surgery as well as the planning of specific treatments for a patient.

Alliance Medical provides more detail about PET/CT scans: "PET/CT combines two different techniques in one scanner, giving clinicians two sets of related information about the body – functional and structural – from one examination."

Those who are set to undergo a PET/CT scan may have some other particular questions about the procedure and examination, which Alliance Medical seeks to address. In fact, clients who have concerns or questions about PET/CT scans – especially when it comes to preparing for the procedure and what to expect from the procedure – can easily find the information and answers they are looking for on the Alliance Medical website.

Alliance Medical freely provides the answers clients need about PET/CT scans even before they go through the procedure. The information offered by Alliance Medical sets patients' minds at ease, especially if they don't know much about the examination and how it really works. According to Alliance Medical, for instance, "Once you've checked in at reception, a member of the radiology team will meet you, explain the procedure, go through your safety questionnaire with you and ask you to sign a consent form. You'll have the opportunity to ask any questions about the scanning process…Throughout the procedure, you will be looked after by the radiology team. They will explain what's happening and will be there if you experience any discomfort."

With the important information provided by Alliance Medical, clients can set their mind at rest and have all their questions and concerns answered, enabling them to go through the procedure with more confidence.

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