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Alllu Launches VehiGo, a Foldable Electric Scooter That Pioneers Three-Wheel Design

It is going to lead the new trend of convenient transportation


Panyu, Guangzhou -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2018 --Alllu, a Guangzhou-based electric scooter manufacturer has launched the world's first quick charge foldable electric scooter, VehiGo.

Alllu unveiled a new triangular quick-charging electric scooter, VehiGo, with the lowest price at $649 on June 5th, 2018. VehiGo's emergence overturns the previous understanding of scooter's dual wheels structure and battery. Three Wheels Stable Design for Convenience Transportation According to Alllu, riders don't need to stay focus on VehiGo all the time, as it's a three wheels scooter providing natural steady safety when riders standing on it. On the left of the handlebar, it's the brake lever, it connects with a sensitively corresponding brake lights on both of the rear wheels feet plates. On the right of the handlebar, it's a lever style accelerator, control the speed with fingers makes it more relaxing than spinning the throttles tiredly. Surprisingly, three wheels structure doesn't affect its portability. VehiGo's folding is handy, by pressing and lifting the folding lock. Because its triangular folding stand is made of aluminum alloy, it is as portable as a mini luggage and can be dragged into elevator or the trunk at any time. On the contrary, traditional spinning style throttle always makes the riders feel tired while riding, and it's not convenient and flexible while spinning and brake at the same time.

360 degree Limitless Steering As innovative high-tech scooter, VehiGo's steering column can turn in a full circle. With 360° limitless steering, riders can turn or reverse without restraint, which also is convenient for the use of camera recording. 15mins Quick Charge VehiGo has pioneered the function of quick-charging in electric scooter. 5000 times recycling multicomponent lithium battery secures consistency of joyful riding. As long as you find a place to recharge, just 15mins, VehiGo will let you experience speed and passion again. Smart APP Control System VehiGo can be connected with user's smartphone via Bluetooth and allows user to track their speed, and battery life etc. Users also can set up an alarm warning with certain area, so the VehiGo is safe and solid on the ground.

Social Function When pressing the "greeting" button on the handlebar, other riders nearby will get your inviting signal. It realizes the purpose of communication at any time, no more shouting on the street. Riding VehiGo provides a brand new way of social networking. Camera Recording Press the "record" button on the handlebar, the 130MP wide lens camera will record the riding story and automatically upload to the cell. Not only can rider record every awesome moment, but also is able to prevent wrecker who hits and runs. About Alllu Founded in 2015, Alllu Tech specializes in the production of advanced electric vehicles that are designed to bring joy to your daily life. The company is committed to providing new solutions for transportation and travel and creating new safer and more personalized means of transport and ancillary services. At the same time, Alllu maintains an open, non-exclusive cooperation strategy and works with industry partners to promote smart travel. Alllu officially launched its first three wheel electric scooter, VehiGo, in April 2018, which marks the brand's first step towards future transportation.

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