Allstate Debt Consolidation Shows Consumers How to Remove a Judgment from Their Credit Report

Now consumers can learn the ins-and-outs of how to go about getting a judgment removed from their credit report.


Hackensack, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/13/2016 --There are plenty of issues that come up with debt collection, credit scores, and even bankruptcy cases. Depending on how long debts went unpaid, a judgment may have been issued and it can continue to bring down a person's credit score.

That's according to Allstate Debt Consolidation, a debt reduction portal that help Americans deal with debt, credit and other areas of personal finance.

The good news is that in some situations, with a little work and some good fortune, judgments can be removed from a credit report.

Of course, one of the first steps someone should take is to satisfy any outstanding judgments. As long as money is still owed, there's nothing that can be done to take it off a credit report.

These judgments can often be settled for less than what's owed, but the first step is to get the judgment marked as satisfied on the credit report.

Once payment is made, normally the creditor will file the paperwork for fulfillment, but the person who owed the judgment can also file that paperwork as well.

Here is what company representative, Jack Dominico, has to say: "the first step towards vacating a judgment begins with contacting the actual court where the initial judgment was made. This is critical to understand because since judgments are tied to courts, you have a better chance of removing them."

Consumers should start by looking for errors.

Any incorrect information counts as a "technicality" as most people understand it, and can get a judgment dismissed. Depending on where the debt might be in the process, any leftover amount will still need to be paid, but the judgment can at least be removed from the credit report.

Some of the common errors people can look for are as follows:

Incorrect dates
Incorrect amounts paid
Misspellings of any kind
Differing amounts paid/owed

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Any error at all can lead to the judgment being removed from the credit report and vacated altogether. The inaccuracy of many of the "data specialists" who record this information for the court is good for the individual who is trying to remove the judgment.

In addition to this, if someone has been forced to pay more than what is listed on the judgment, and they can prove it via payment receipts, then they can have the judgment dismissed or vacated, accomplishing their goal.

One important thing consumers need to remember is that the industry as a whole thrives on not being challenged.

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So consumers shouldn't be afraid to check on the work of those creating records for the judgment. These organizations and individuals have a reputation for not being able to consistently meet the legal standards.

Therefore, if someone is willing to challenge them and not back down, they often will get these judgments dismissed with little fight.

However, other than finding errors, getting the judgments removed can prove to be an uphill battle. But people in debt can learn more by going to the article linked to above.

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