Allstate Debt Consolidation Talks About Using Avant Loans for Consolidating

In a recently published article, Allstate debt consolidation reviews whether is a good option for consumers that need money fast to reduce their monthly expenses.


Hackensack, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2015 --For people with excessive debts and looking for a way to reduce monthly expenses, then personal loan firm Avant might be a good option for debt consolidation. While many people will first check with a bank for this type of loan, they are often denied, primarily because they have begun to fall behind due to their high monthly rates.

For those that have found themselves in this very predicament, the answer might be to consolidate using a loan from The company provides a simple application that consumers can fill out online and get the whole debt consolidation process started quickly. Consumers will need a minimal amount of information, including proof of income and their social security number.

The SSN is required in order to verify someone's identity and to help protect people from identity theft. Once the applicant has filled it out, they will hear quickly whether or not they have been approved for a debt consolidation loan from the company.

Once a person has received the approval, they can then electronically sign the application, saving a person time and effort. In many cases, the company is able to deposit the funds into a consumer's account within a single business day, providing the borrower with the relief they need to begin clearing up their credit score and finances.

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Here's what Jack Dominico of hast to say about Avant:

"Among the many benefits of depending upon is that the inquiry into a borrower's current standing will not influence their FICO score, which other loan applications often will. This will minimize the impact on someone's general credit standing and appearances."

One of the reasons that consumers should consider choosing them over other solutions for debt consolidation is that they will report a consumer's timely payments to the three main credit agencies: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

These are the three main sources that banks and other lenders use to determine whether or not to extend you credit. The more reports someone has that shows they are making timely payments, the better their score will become. So this becomes very beneficial to consumers.

Another great feature to using Avant is that the company does not charge origination fees. When a consumer is seeking a loan, they likely do not have an excess of cash to spend on things like this, and the professionals at Avant understand that. For this reason, a potential borrower is not charged to apply for the unsecured loan.

Best of all, the company has customer service representatives waiting to assist a borrower with any questions they may have seven days a week.

So consumers will be able to speak with a professional who understands how to navigate the system quickly to help them get the funds that they need. In fact, more than nine out of ten people who have used their services vote for them favorably, in part due to the excellent service their experts provide on the phone and via the Internet.

No matter the reason that someone is seeking an unsecured loan to consolidate their debts, the professionals at are there to help them every step of the way.

They provide all the tools a borrow needs online. This makes the whole process fast, easy and without aggravation. They also have benefits that many other traditional lenders don't provide when it comes to debt consolidation.

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