AllValue Introduces New Mobile eCommerce Builder to Boost Better User Experience


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/27/2021 --Within the first half of 2021, over 79% of smartphone owners have used their mobile devices to make purchases online. With more people leaning toward a mobile shopping experience, brands have tried to optimize the user experience, with some succeeding and others failing.

In a bid to maximize eCommerce ventures, AllValue launched its mobile eCommerce builder. Let us investigate the features of AllValue's mobile eCommerce builder and what it means for the future of the eCommerce mobile user experience.

AllValue: The Succeed in eCommerce

A subsidiary of China's Youzan group, AllValue, was created to bridge the gap between eCommerce owners and their entrepreneurial achievements. AllValue is an eCommerce tool created to grant merchants and eCommerce brands the necessary tools to bring their services online. The software tool features various products: building eCommerce websites, organizing social media campaigns, payment platforms, client orders management, and logistic support.

AllValue's parent company, Youzan Group, is a leading SaaS company in China that mainly operates in retail technology services. With businesses all aimed at maximizing retail sales primarily via eCommerce, the new mobile eCommerce builder features of AllValue and consequently, Youzan stands producing positive results for both merchants and eCommerce business owners.

The New Mobile eCommerce Builder

AllValue's new mobile eCommerce builder creates store features such as eCommerce templates and mobile-first web design for a better mobile experience. The purpose of AllValue's mobile eCommerce builder is:

- To ensure that users have a seamless eCommerce transition from desktop usage to mobile usage.

- To provide merchants with a streamlined channel for all eCommerce solutions.

- To create user independence when utilizing the mobile app experience.

- To maximize the rate of conversion to consumption of products offered on eCommerce stores.

- To enhance purchasing experience for users via the mobile app.

What are AllValue's Distinctive Selling Points?

From its onset, AllValue has maintained a position of delivering exceptional service on eCommerce stores through their software tool, so what makes this mobile eCommerce builder different?

1. The new mobile builder tool operates more in line with a sleek mobile sharing experience over the generic eCommerce user experience.

2. The mobile eCommerce builder stands merging the world of social media and eCommerce to increase conversions by utilizing mobile social scenarios to promote products.

3. The new tool approaches site construction in a new way. Mobile stores can be created as standalone stores, each unique in the best eCommerce mobile design, decoration, and mobile-first web design.

Benefits of the New Mobile eCommerce Builder

Social media, eCommerce, and smartphones are all interrelated, with social media and smartphones playing a defining role in the conversion rates of eCommerce stores. Independent merchants can look to AllValue's mobile eCommerce builder as a means to be at the front footing and explore new opportunities for their stores.

- eCommerce stores with a social media presence generate 32% more sales than businesses without social media pages.

- The mobile eCommerce builder creates an opportunity for influencer marketing & affiliate marketing.

- Utilizing this tool for an optimized user mobile experience opens eCommerce stores to a bigger audience.

The Future of AllValue
The cross-border eCommerce market is still a budding field with occasional fluctuations which businesses can take advantage of. The best opportunity for eCommerce owners to gain more market share is by creating independent platforms that differ from the sea of boring and ordinary stores in the eCommerce space.

AllValue's dedication to ensuring that their customers succeed is part of what makes them different from other available software tools. The features available on AllValue are designed to optimize the user experience and increase eCommerce sales for business owners.

With strong core values and proven results to support their business method, we can expect to see higher independent interfaces from AllValue that make eCommerce stores swift, efficient, direct, and successful for all parties involved.

About AllValue
AllValue is an eCommerce software launched by Youzan Group (08083.HK), which provides software tools to help merchants maximize sales and build brand relationships. AllValue's services cover the entire processes of eCommerce business, from building eCommerce websites, launching advertising and social marketing campaigns, managing orders and customers, enabling global payment and logistics support. With AllValue, you can achieve sustainable growth in your eCommerce business.

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