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Almost 2/4 of Under 30s Think That They Cannot Afford Their Summer Holiday, Survey Shows


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2016 --In a recent survey by an online supplier of voucher codes, Promo Vouchers found that up to 58% of people under 30 were booking summer holidays that they feel they couldn't really afford. This shocking revelation is just another hint that young people are living well beyond their means – both at home in the UK and when they are abroad.

The poll revealed that over three quarters of the people interviewed paid the minimum possible amount when booking their holiday; opting to pay for the trip in monthly installments as opposed to all in one go at the time of booking. Of these people, just under a third admitted to paying the comparatively small deposit by using a credit card instead of their own cleared funds. Alarmingly, almost 10% of people surveyed said that they expect to still be paying off the balance of their holiday after they have returned home to the UK.

The average price of each trip for those interviewed was £841.33 per person, which is over 5.5% of the average take home salary of 20-30 year-olds. However, the average amount paid before departure was just £398 – less than half of the brochure price of the holiday.

In another recent poll also conducted by Promo Vouchers it was revealed that 45% of people under the age of 30 who went on holiday with their parents did so because their parents were footing the bill. While the majority of these people said that they enjoyed spending time abroad with their parents, they also admitted that if their parents were not paying for the holiday then they probably wouldn't be able to afford to go. Only 12% of people interviewed said that they go on holiday with their parents simply because they enjoy it.

Millie Kyriakedes, Travel Promotions Manager at Promo Vouchers, suggests "Holidays for parties of four or more can cost a considerable amount of money – especially if your destination is outside of Europe. Low Cost Holidays voucher codes are a great way to lower the initial cost of bookings, which can then be spread over two or more monthly payments prior to departure date. It's best to try and have the balance paid before departure as there is nothing more demoralizing than coming home to a bill for a holiday that you've already been on."

Respondents were asked for details of their salary, the total price of their holiday, how much they were expecting to have paid off before they went on holiday and whether they truly felt as though they could afford to go on the holiday that they had booked.

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