Alpha Beta Commerce

Alpha Beta Commerce Launches WooCommerce Hosting Platform

WooCommerce Hosting Provider accelerates growth as merchants search for more flexible ecommerce options.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/24/2016 --Alpha Beta Commerce, the first platform to focus exclusively on WooCommerce in the cloud announced the official launch of its ecommerce platform for fast-growing global brands after 2 years in beta.

The platform is designed to help merchants express the power of their brands and grow their businesses on top of the powerful WooCommerce framework. Their blog, translated in five languages, reaches all of Alpha Beta Commerce's 750 — and growing — merchants from the U.K., Japan, and Spain. Not only can merchants use the platform in their language, but they can also choose to read the latest ecommerce news in the language that is most comfortable for them.

Created in collaboration with several design partners, Alpha Beta Commerce has over 100 themes listed in three different categories, designed to give merchants the flexibility they need to launch their ecommerce site. All themes utilize one of two WordPress frameworks, Justin Tadlock's Hybrid Core or Underscores, and use the built-in theme customizer. New themes will continue to evolve to include advanced features typically only available with fully-customized storefronts. Merchants that purchase new themes from the Alpha Beta Commerce Marketplace will benefit from continuous updates, enhanced functionality, and support provided by the development partners.

"Given that WordPress is already translated in over 75 languages, our hosted WooCommerce platform makes sense for many merchants who sell internationally. Many merchants who use our platform sell globally and are not necessarily based in the U.S. They use WooCommerce, but they want to better understand the full capabilities of our WooCommerce-hosted platform," said Stephanie Tillman, lead content strategist at Alpha Beta Commerce. "We've created a great community of international merchants who want to run their business on solid technology, while having the flexibility to extend their ecommerce options if needed."

"The best part of Alpha Beta Commerce is that over the last two years, I have never had to worry about technology problems," said Lance Johnson, who runs an NYC-based art studio on Alpha Beta Commerce. "I run my business, focusing on selling and design, and they take care of the technology. The support staff is always available and quickly responds to any issue I am having with my website."

Built with modern features and integrations, Alpha Beta Commerce is the first host to provide a robust environment for merchants who want to use WooCommerce but don't want to manage their own ecommerce technology infrastructure. By selecting one of the Alpha Beta Commerce plans, retailers have access to a number of features, including:

- Flexible infrastructure for merchants and their designers – The themes are all built on a solid framework, from Hybrid Code and Underscores. Both code bases are well-structured and optimized. Merchants have to worry less about their developer following best coding practices.

- Build your own features – One of the hallmarks of the Alpha Beta Commerce platform is the merchants' ability to create new functions and features, something not available on BigCommerce and Shopify. Because developers have child theme PHP functions access, they can build on top of any feature and create new features specifically for clients.

- Seamless and simple customizations – Retailers will be able to customize the look and feel of their storefront in real time — including font and color palettes, branding, featured and top-selling collections, social media icons, and more.

- Developer support – Retailers have two places where they can receive support. Our internal support forum provides merchants with the help and answers they need to successfully run their ecommerce business. Merchants can also choose one of our development partners, or they can even bring their own in to help run their ecommerce business.

"There is nothing more important than connecting your brand with shoppers, and our platform is designed with global ecommerce in mind," says Morgan Davis, social media strategist at Alpha Beta Commerce. "Alpha Beta Commerce is taking WooCommerce- and WordPress-based merchants to the next level, allowing them to focus 100% on their business, instead of on technology issues. The executive team behind the Alpha Beta Commerce team has over 25 years combined global ecommerce experience, and it has worked with brands in Japan, South America, and other global retailers such as Barneys and Net-A-Porter. The goal is help merchants who choose WooCommerce to build their brand better and do more with their storefront to drive sales and build lasting relationships with their customers."

Alpha Beta Commerce customers can sign up for one of the four subscription types or connect with one of their live chat support developers. While an Alpha Beta Commerce subscription comes with a handful of themes, premium themes can be purchased for $60, and a slew of development partners is available for custom work. For more information, visit:

Stephanie Tilman & Morgan Davis