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Amalgam Martial Arts Academy Announces the Grand Opening of Their Martial Arts Studio in Downers Grove, Illinois

The grand opening will take place March 26, 2016. Although the martial arts academy has been open for one year, they have never had a grand opening. They are inviting the media, new and current students as well as the local Downers Grove community to the fun event.


Downers Grove, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2016 --Amalgam Martial Arts Academy in Downers Grove, Illinois is pleased to announce they are having a grand opening of their academy to celebrate their 1st anniversary. When the current owners Frank Delo of Downers Grove, and Jason Wenz of Woodridge took over the club they didn't have a grand opening, so this event that will take place March 26, 2016, will be a double celebration.

The event will give students the chance to invite their families and see where they train and the facilities the club offers, it will also give the local community a chance to meet the instructors and learn more about the classes available. The martial arts academy wants to become an important part of the Downers Grove community and provide a place where people of all age can take classes.

The Downers Grove martial arts academy has classes for children from three years old and classes for adults.

Classes that are available include:

Little Dragons – The program is for children aged between 3 and 5. It's a great way for young children to be introduced to the world of martial arts. The class helps to build fitness and coordination, which is done through games and activities. This class has become very popular with parents and their children.

Basic – The basic program is for older children between the ages of 6 and 12. The program helps students to improve their coordination, flexibility and increases their fitness. The program, which has been described as one of the best youth martial arts programs available, not only teaches students self-defense, it also builds their character through the unique curriculum.

Safety Class – This class has become an important part of the structure at the Downers Grove, Illinois martial arts academy. It provides students important and essential lessons on how to deal with bullying and predators. The students are taught self-defense techniques where the child is also taught how to use the most important weapon they have, the mind.

Teen/Adult Class – This class is for anyone from the ages of 12 and above. It allows students to increase their fitness while learning important self-defense skills.

Leadership – This class is by invitation only and is open to students that have shown significant dedication and discipline in their training.

Jeet Kune Do – This class is for both teens and adults and is the martial arts technique that was developed by Bruce Lee. The class has become very popular with students and consists of western boxing, Wing Chun KingFu, and fencing footwork.

Martial Fitness – The daytime martial arts fitness class provides a fun way to get fit. It provides a hard-core fat burning workout, which will certainly get that metabolism going.

Amalgam Martial Academy also provides outreach programs where they can visit local churches, childcare facilities, and community centers and hold affordable classes.

For more information on Amalgam Martial Academy, which is based in Downers Grove Illinois, and to learn more about the grand opening, please visit

About Amalgam Martial Academy
Amalgam Martial Academy is a popular martial arts academy where people of all ages can learn martial arts and keep fit. The classes are available to people of all ability.

Amalgam Martial Academy
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