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Amazon #1 Bestseller "Odyssey in a Teacup" by Paula Houseman Now $.99 Through April 3rd


Sydney, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/31/2016 --Created for misfits worldwide, the Amazon #1 Bestseller "Odyssey in a Teacup" by Paula Houseman is on sale for $.99 for a limited time. A modern-day satire of The Ugly Duckling meets The Odyssey, Houseman's theme is universal, her approach however is unique. Her book asks, "Are you a misfit? Are you, or were you, a thorn in your parents' side?" If so Houseman would say, "Welcome to my world!"

As Houseman drags out mortifying behaviors, thoughts, feelings and impulses readers been conditioned to sweep under the rug, she exposes a core of sacred, bawdy humor beneath the sludgy shame that coats and chokes them.

Readers can't help fall in love with the central character, Ruth Roth, an irrepressible wild child whose journey through life may exemplify the reader's own. It shows the realness of early childhood, the loss of selfhood as one tries to fulfill family and society's expectations, the arduous journey embarked on as an odyssey to return to who one essentially is — that place of individuality where one doesn't fit as much ... and doesn't much care!

Odyssey had a long incubation. Fourteen years in the making, this work of fiction grew out of painful events from Houseman's life, not least the struggle to belong, in the face of mixed message: 'Why can't you be like everyone else?' (when she expressed her differences); 'Why do you have to be like everyone else?' (when she tried to conform). Houseman's genuineness has resonated with many. So much so, the book became a US Amazon #1 bestseller in the humor and satire category within weeks of its release.

Odyssey has garnered praise from reviewers, who have touted it as a 'fantastically fun women's satire', and are hailing Houseman, with her 'sharp, witty writing', as 'a masterful storyteller'.

Odyssey in a Teacup shows us how we can experience life as a celebration, not just survive it. It shows us that embracing the pain of feeling different can turn it into a means of making a difference.

Odyssey leaves us clamoring for more. And more is underway, with a sequel coming soon.

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