Amera Medical Transprotation Solutions

Amera Offers Medical Transportation for Houston, Austin, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/31/2021 --Amera, a leader in medical coordination and transportation, is proud to feature a variety of medical transportation solutions for patients in Houston, Austin, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, and the surrounding areas. From basic vehicle transportation to medical appointments to ambulances and medical air transport, Amera has the right transportation options for any need.

Amera offers basic vehicle transportation for those patients who need transportation to medical appointments and don't have a reliable option, as well as for those patients who are in a wheelchair or use other mobility devices such as a cane or walker. They offer specific vehicles that can accommodate these needs and can schedule regular appointments as needed.

In some cases, an ambulance is required for the situation. This might be due to a move to a different hospital where your preferred doctor practices, or it could be a transport to your home or other facilities. In these cases, it is important that you are transported with the necessary medical equipment at the ready, and Amera ambulances are fully stocked and staffed by experienced professionals.

Some medical cases require you to take an airplane to where you are going as driving isn't feasible. However, at a minimum, you may need to have a medical professional accompany you during the flight. Other cases are severe enough that you cannot be moved from your bed, in which case a specially equipment airplane that can accommodate medical beds is required. Amera is ready to provide the right air transport for your situation.

Amera knows how important the different medical transportation options are, and they have them fully stocked and ready to go with all of the supplies and personnel needed to serve their communities.

About Amera
Amera provides a range of medical transport options that fill a void in the market, including private ambulances. Visit to learn more about private ambulance services for Houston, Austin, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, and the surrounding areas.