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Amera Solutions Offers Non Emergency Medical Transport in Tampa and Jacksonville Florida

Those who need to get to and from medical services but have no means of transport can count on Amera Solutions for non- emergency medical transportation in Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2018 --Amera Solutions is all set to provide on-demand non-emergency medical transportation in Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the reputable agency provides every client with reliable transportation care connections and common sense solutions. They make sure every reservation is carefully monitored from start to finish.

The prime mission of the agency is to support the community by providing full medical transportation services. They offer these services to a diverse range of people including seniors, disabled persons, and injured individuals who are in need of transportation for scheduled out-patient procedures. An attendant or medical escort is also available upon request.

Amera Solution has earned a reputation for being a one-stop source for a full range of medical transportation options like disability transportation in Houston, Texas, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and surroundings that deliver high levels of customer service, coordination, and convenience.

Instead of competing with local networks of professional transportation companies, they are rather focused on building a good partnership with them to deliver quality service that is safe, reliable and timely.

Th company continues to heavily promote, advertise, and pursue expansion to provide the same level of professional and compassionate service throughout every major city in Texas. They believe that one day no one will have to worry about medical transportation being an obstacle to receiving the medical care they deserve.

While planning the schedule for a client's medical transportation, it is crucial that they acquire all the necessary details related to the service. They also have resources to provide wheelchair transport in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding areas. The best thing about the agency is that they can meet the diverse needs of the clientele, and they are confident they will be able to accommodate them as well.

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About Amera Solutions
Amera Solutions is a medical transportation agency that offers a wide range of services that includes ambulance service in Houston and Austin Texas, air ambulance service, as well as wheelchair transportation.