Amera Medical Transprotation Solutions

Amera Solutions Provides Affordable Non-Emergency Ambulance Service in Houston and San Antonio

Amera Solutions strives to help every individual residing in Houston and surrounding areas by offering timely medical transportation.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2018 --Medical transportation costs are affordable and reliable today thanks to Amera Solutions that is determined to help the community in every possible way. The consumers are highly satisfied with the quick and safe transportation that has eased the minds of senior citizens as well as the physically challenged residents of the area.

Serve with a smile is indeed the motto of Amera Solutions that continues to expand its huge fleet of vehicles reaching out to more areas within the state and the country. The ambulance service in Houston and San Antonio provided by Amera Solutions is the best in the region and has superseded the demand for professional ambulance services well and truly.

The individuals do not need to be injured or in urgent need of hospitalization to avail of the non-emergency ambulance services though. The company is willing to carry both patients as well as the old and infirm individuals to their destination within time as well.

The medical staff ensures total safety and comfort of the passengers while taking them to their destination swiftly without any loss of time. The ambulances also come equipped with special aids such as stretchers and wheelchairs so that a disabled passenger is not inconvenienced during the journey.

Amera Solutions may not be covered by Medicare or Medicaid, but their transportation costs are not likely to be exorbitant either. The patients are sure of keeping their appointments while they do not have to worry about returning home afterward. The vehicle will wait for as long as it takes and the staff will only consider their job done when the patient is back home and resting after a session with the doctor or therapist.

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About Amera Solutions
Amera Solutions is a leading private medical transportation company based out of Houston that is focused on helping the community in every way. It strives to carry the patients, seniors, disabled as well as the medical professionals to their destination without jeopardizing their safety and comfort.