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Amera Solutions Specializes in Air Medical in San Antonio, Texas and Tampa, Florida

To take patients to the medical facility quickly and safely, it would be best to hire air medical in San Antonio, Texas, and Tampa, Florida.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/10/2020 --The demand for air medical has increased ever since ground transport became stressful and challenging. Traveling by ground is no longer safe, especially when the patient's condition is not pretty good. Air medical transports prove useful when the patients may succumb if they are not taken to the medical facility on time.

Today, the mortality rate has remarkably dropped due to the availability of air medical transports. They serve to make a difference between life and death by taking the patient quickly to the hospital.

The advanced air medical transports come equipped with modern medical devices and life support equipment. The paramedic team that comes with the transport system is qualified to ensure protection and support during flights.

Amera Medical Transportation relieves patients and their families by providing on-time air medical in San Antonio, Texas, and Tampa, Florida. While ground ambulance may have trouble with traffic or maintaining a high speed all the way, air transport is the preferred method whenever an emergency occurs.

The company has a team comprising highly trained and qualified professionals who are very passionate about others' health care needs. The attendants are fully skilled to provide any care and attention that may be necessary.

Keeping their clients in mind, the company has refined its medical air transport capabilities over the years. Their efficient operations help keep their costs at a minimum.

Another significant benefit of air medical transport involves organ transplants. Amera Solutions offers quick air services to transport organs from the hospital where they were collected to the hospital where a transplant patient waits to receive them. The faster they can be transported, the bigger the success rate of such operations!

The professionals associated with Amera Solutions are friendly and insightful, and they know the value of time. As long as the company stands behind its commitment, nothing can beat air medical transport in Texas and Florida.

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Amera Solutions is a medical transportation agency that offers a wide range of services that include ambulance service in Houston and Austin, Texas, air ambulance service, and wheelchair transportation.