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American School of Doha Students Raise Funds to Build School in Kenya


Doha, Qatar -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/02/2017 --The work done with the community is an essential part of how the American School of Doha is committed to the intellectual and personal development of its students, empowering them and inspiring them to become better people and global citizens actively building a fairer world.
From building a school to make education available to local children in the Machakos region of Kenya with several fundraising efforts to build the Machakos Education Center to 8th-grade students funding 3rd world business entrepreneurs through and student service trips with Habitat for Humanity, which have been done for over a decade, this kind of valuable work is one of several contributing factors as to why the American School of Doha is widely respected as one of the best schools in Qatar, out of all the international schools in Qatar.
As just mentioned, the American School of Doha's recognition of the importance of global citizenship and community service learning can be witnesses in the school's fifth-grade students recent fundraising campaign which aimed to contribute funds to help build a school in Kenya. The Machakos Education Center has been a continuous project of the American School of Doha, and its students were incredibly enthusiastic to contribute to the effort by raising funds. 
Unfortunately, millions of children in Africa walk for several hours going to and from school every day. To grasp what that is like, and in a great lesson of solidarity, the school's fifth-grade students and others walked the track for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. Payton, a fifth-grade student at ASD, had this to say on the matter "one of our values is compassion, and we are putting it into action by sharing the experience of walking to school. The money raised will help students in Kenya have a school that is closer, and this will increase their learning time". 
Several other members of the community including other students, parents, and teachers took part in the fun-filled event either walking or running, which has become a school tradition. According to Walk-a-Thon Teacher-Sponsor Alli Farmer "fifth-grade students have organized this fundraiser for several years and it helps them connect with others. The walk is supported by classroom activities that help the kids understand the world around them. It's a week that extends their learning and encourages them to be global citizens."
This community-based element of the students' personal development is one of the main reasons why the American School of Doha is considered by the very demanding international expatriate population as one of the best schools in Doha. 
With a valuable spirit of giving back and standing back for important causes, there was even an ASD version of the Women's March, which took place in several cities around the world. This variety of conscientious initiatives is all the more pertinent when one takes into account the high quality of the education offered by the international schools in Qatar, proving that parents value a holistic approach to education going beyond mere learning with an excellent preparation to ensure the top students of today become the leading citizens of tomorrow.

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The American School of Doha is committed to the intellectual and personal development of our students, inspiring them and empowering them to become positive, active global citizens.

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