Americano, Independent Film Inspired by Today's Struggle for the Fading American Dream, Launches Kickstarter


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2017 --Americano, the inspiring short film by writer and director Tim Viola, captures the current struggle going on today to hold onto the American dream. A journey made by countless immigrants from all over the world and across time, searching for hope, freedom, and the chance to transcend society-imposed limits, Americano is something that every American can feel connected to. As events unfold in the United States with the new American President, Donald Trump, and his executive order blocking immigrants and refugees, the film's message takes on an even greater significance.

Viola and his team are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help fund the project and to bring this important story to a broader audience. It centers around the struggles of Isaac, played by Adam Budron, a Syrian immigrant on a mission to achieve the American dream for his family. He gets swept up in the revolutionary currents of the film's setting, Philadelphia – the city were America's first revolution was sparked more than two centuries ago. Working for a high-stakes elite client, a politician who has unleashed a tragedy on social media, Isaac is forced to choose between making his American dream come true and staying quiet, or sacrificing himself in order to ensure that the promise of hope still shines for others.

The script is a bold statement, designed to reflect the dark story that is unfolding in America right now – the growing racism, bullying, violence, and fear of immigrants. The intent is to reach out to the collective freedom fighter spirit rising in every American. It is meant to highlight the fact that this is a nation of immigrants, oppressing themselves through the act of harming one another, and the dangers of self-destructive behavior on a national level.

The cast and crew includes a line-up of professional actors and filmmakers who have had their work featured at film festivals all over the world including Sundance and Cannes. By donating to the project, backers can help the team release Americano this fall in either Philadelphia or New York. For those who contribute, several excellent awards are being offered, including a special USB stick, a signed and framed storyboard cell, and the chance to have a coffee or drink at the Café Americano, the fictional coffee shop in the film, named after them.

To learn more about the film or to contribute, visit the Americano Kickstarter page.

About Americano
Americano is a short, independent film written and directed by Tim Viola. Inspired by the hope and sacrifice of the American dream, Viola wanted to capture what the true core of this idea is and to remind Americans of the promise that lies in every individual. Viola teamed with award-winning filmmaker Kris Mendoza and Guillermo Cameo as Director of Photography. Cameo's projects have been featured all over the world. The cast includes Adam Budron, Rick Schnieder, Melody Vargas, and Esin Varan.