Americans Are Coming Together to Change the World

Some of The Most Influential People in The World Have Been Prisoners


North Dighton, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/27/2020 --Everyone in America who listens to a day's worth of news, in 2020, will hear about the upcoming election, health care and prison reform. Although the first two subjects seem to have been in discussion for decades, the third is relatively new. Prison reform and criminal justice reform have become the hot topics of our modern time. But the need for both have been in the hearts of prisoners since the beginning of time.

As America moves forward, in correcting the mass incarceration travesty, it should take note that the most influential reformers have been prisoners. Some of the most active have moved entire nations. If it were not for the guidance of prisoners like Nelson Mandela in Africa, and the Biblical Patriarch Joseph in Egypt, nations would have suffered.

Churches across America today are well aware of the value of prisoners. Take for example the New Testament Apostles Paul, Peter, and John. All were previously incarcerated, and all were great influential religious leaders. These Apostles are also responsible for the spreading of the gospel of Christ and the construction of the modern Christian churches.

Churches, religious organizations, and believers of all kinds have taken some of the most effective steps to rehabilitate those who have gone astray. Even the United States Congress recognizes this fact as it specifically named religious organizations in their recently enacted First Step Act.

Most importantly, today's religious believers touch prisoners by reaching out through prisoner correspondence. The power and impact of a letter or post card is more effective than all of the many sermons delivered to any prisoners who are incarcerated. What most people don't know is that a letter reaches a prisoner no matter where in a prison he or she may be. A letter also reaches a prisoner on a very personal level. Just taking the time to write a prisoner's name and number on an envelope is more personal than all the organized events that a prisoner must choose to attend. When someone writes a prisoner a letter, they have his or her attention. The prisoner has been shown that someone cares about who they are, and at that moment the writer is the most influential person in the prisoner's life.

Today's churches, that are changing America, are the ones that are reaching out to prisoners and changing lives. They are reaching past the guards, the gangs, and the drugs in prison. They are showing forgiveness and acceptance, they are the leaders in the greatest movement of our modern time.

In today's communication driven world corresponding with a prisoner is easier and safer than ever before. The old unwanted pen pal list services are all but abolished and are now replaced with the more modern web-based pen pal services. Americans today can choose from many companies like,, and to safely and anomalously search for and select a prisoner to encourage. Even after a choice has been made the prisoner can be contacted through email so there is never a need to provide a home address.

For those who are ready to step forward and change a nation one prisoner at a time, visit:

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