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America's Blended Family Expert Releases Exciting Book Series on Co-Parenting


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2016 --Parents struggling to co-parent in harmony are set to get some help when America's Blended Family Expert, Merissa V. Grayson, releases The Business of Co-Parenting book series in April.

The Business of Co-Parenting is a ground-breaking 3-part series written for parents of Divided and Blended Families who are struggling to co-parent cooperatively and peacefully. This epic series features a title for moms, dads, and step-parents that provide a unique and professional perspective into Co-Parenting.

The Business of Co-Parenting for Moms: How to Be the CEO of Your Divided Family and Live in Peace shares effective solutions to problems that many mothers face. The Business of Co-Parenting for Dads: How to Establish a Parenting Partnership & live a Drama Free Life outlines practical ways to handle the difficulties fathers commonly experience. The Business of Co-Parenting for Stepparents: How to Responsibly Invest in Your Blended Family & Build Harmony aptly discusses realistic and proven solutions to the challenges unique to step-parents.

Having struggled to co-parent peacefully, Merissa, who is also a family lawyer, mediator and divided/blended family coach, writes from a place of experience and empathy. She said: "There was a long period that my family experienced an intense and ugly child custody battle. After we had resolved the legal issues, we made a conscious decision and effort to change the way we co-parent and worked on building a positive relationship for our child's sake. Doing so changed all of our lives in a positive way, especially our son."

She added, "In my law practice, I started to see a similar trend with my clients. So, I started working with my clients on making this positive shift in the way they think and co-parent.

Studying the statistics on how children in divided/blended families face so many more negative risks than their counterparts and thinking back on how learning to work together as a village for our son changed our lives and how teaching my clients the same changed their lives, I decided to write a book series for parents going through the same situations in hopes that more families, like mine, can help their kids thrive despite the fact that their parents live in separate homes."

Research conducted by Bonded Family Ministry revealed that 2,100 blended families are formed in the United States every day. Studies have also shown that children from blended families are more likely to need psychological counseling or psychiatric care than other children. Also, they are 50 percent more likely to develop health problems.

With such potentially damaging effects, parents who find themselves in this situation need as much help as they can get to navigate this often difficult course. And, The Business of Co-Parenting series is an excellent blueprint for parents who want to co-parent successfully.

Early reviews of the series are demonstrating the impact the books will have on the lives of those who co-parent. One reader commented on The Business of Co-Parenting for Moms, saying, "This book makes you step out of your comfort zone and realize the big picture when it comes to co-parenting. Myself being a single mom co-parenting with my 8-year old son's father, who is now married, really saw my situation in these pages and helped me better cope with our reality. Adult feelings are merely just those- feelings - and should not impact the well-being of the child involved. I recommend this book for any single mother trying to create the best environment possible for their child!"

The Business of Co-Parenting Series will be available on April 26, 2016, in paperback formats for a retail price of $14.99 each. For further details or to download a free mini-chapter, visit:

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