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Americas Market Intelligence Publishes Market Research Guide for Latin America


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2017 --Americas Market Intelligence—the premier strategic market intelligence firm for Latin America—has published a free guide on conducting market research in Latin America that includes guidance on LatAm market intelligence and competitive intelligence gathering in the region.

"The idea came after we launched a blog covering our market research practice areas in Latin America, such as payments, logistics, natural resources and consumer," says John Price, Managing Director of Americas Market Intelligence (AMI). "While we had in-depth posts that showed the results of our work—such as how payments work for e-commerce in Latin America or the mining risk landscape for 2017—we hadn't covered much on how to conduct market research or gather market intel in LatAm. Since it seemed like this topic has received fairly scant coverage, we thought it could offer some helpful tips for marketers and consumer insights professionals focused on Latin America," says Price.

Drawing on 20-plus years of experience researching the region, AMI's team put together a presentation-style report to highlight major barriers to conducting market research in Latin America, then broke down five main approaches that circumvent the barriers and deliver optimal results. "It's a complex topic and could easily become a lengthy book, but we kept the discussion limited to the basic fundamentals which we've found are nonetheless revealing, even to experienced practitioners," explains Price.

Entitled Best Practices for Market Research in Latin America, the report is available on AMI's website and on Slideshare.

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