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AMG Services to Offer Architecture Classes at Community College

Construction company AMG Services is offering architecture classes at Hillman Community College during summer semester. There are no prerequisites required and it will be open to the public. Never Be Bored will host an exclusive preview and interview with the instructor.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/02/2015 --Never Be Bored, a blog that offers ideas to keep life interesting, will host an interview with AMG Services' John Tory, instructor of an upcoming summer architecture workshop. Tory, in conjunction with AMG Services, will be offering classes at Hillman Community College this year for the first time. The class is for beginners who want to cultivate their knowledge of architecture basics.

"Nothing is more rewarding than continued learning – and this new course will be perfect for so many people," says Nancy Humes, graphic designer from Never Be Bored. "Being able to supply productive activities is one of Never Be Bored's main goals, and this jumped out at us the moment we saw it."

The class, which will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for 12 weeks over the summer, will feature a variety of projects, guest speakers, and after hours visits to prominent buildings in the downtown area. Enrollment is capped at 35 students.

"AMG is more than just a construction company, and part of the reason we're offering these classes is to get that information out there," says instructor Tory. "We also want to help the public get involved if they have the interest. Architecture is not easy, but it is feasible for most people if they truly have an interest. We are putting out that first stepping stone to see if anyone jumps on."

People from all walks of life are encouraged to learn about basic architecture with this course. AMG Services and Hillman Community College plan to offer the same beginner classes again in the fall as well as intermediate level courses if students want to continue their architecture learning.

About AMG Services Founded in 2001, AMG Services has offered construction, contracting, and consulting services for more than a dozen years. Doubling as an architecture firm and construction team they are currently taking new contracts from private and public sources. The firm also participates in philanthropic and community events throughout the year.

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