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AMG Services Publishes New Sewing Guide

AMG Services announces plans to publish its second Sewing Guide, which will help beginners learn the basics of sewing. A Shoe In Fashion will share an exclusive sneak preview.


Madison, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2015 --AMG Services, a publisher of instructional books based out of North America, will publish a new sewing guide. Lifestyle and clothing blog A Shoe In Fashion will share an interview with the contributors of Sewing Guide, as well as a sneak peek of some basic sewing techniques.

Expert clothier John Hammon was brought in by AMG Services to give advice on the clarity of the new sewing guide. Several other custom clothing manufactures were consulted during the writing of the book as well. AMG Services used multiple sources for the new book to be sure all techniques described were accurate.

"There is more than one way to make a pair of slacks," says Hammon. "I hope my contribution to the sewing guide makes that clear. My instructions for creating clothes are a good place to begin but they are not only way. But with this basic foundation in fashion, users will be able to really explore the field."

The guide, which was written at an 8th grade level, is intended for beginners so everyone can have a chance to try their hand at sewing. AMG Services is known for printing intermediate instructional books. The new sewing guide is for use with the most basic at home electric sewing machine. Instructions for re-threading and cleaning the most popular models of sewing machines are included.

"It is important for our company to meet the needs of the beginner," says Tommy Carl of AMG Services research team. "People who want to learn how to sew should be able to do it easily. That's our goal with this book."

The new hardback book will explain the details and provide instructions for learning basic sewing techniques. AMG Services' research team compiled answers to the most common questions that readers had about the last AMG Services sewing guide, and incorporated it into the new publication.

"We hope this book will make it into some class rooms," said Carl. "That would be the ultimate achievement for this new sewing guide."

About AMG Services
AMG Services is a North American based publishing company. The research team has been working on producing sewing guides for the past four years. All AMG Services books are printed on post consumer recycled paper.

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