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AMG Services Opens New Trade-in Pet Store

Opening this spring, "Trading Places," will allow customers to trade current pets for other animals. Creative and Clever will feature the store in an upcoming article.


Birmingham, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2015 --"Trading Places" is the latest endeavor animal rescue team Julia and Scott Nolan. Scheduled to open in April, it will feature the unique ability to exchange pets with another in the store. The Nolans hope to raise awareness, keeping as many animals as healthy and happy as they can. Creative and Clever take a look at the concept, give users a peek inside the store, and share an exclusive video interview with the founding couple.

"After several years in this field we have learned that the most important thing for animal well-being is a happy home," says Scott Nolan. "However, most people seem to miss the fact that the owners feelings about the pet must be sustained long term for true success. Our store offers not only pets, but resources on how to care for them and create lasting relationships."

The Nolan's began their volunteer work at animal shelters seven years ago when a family friend introduced them to the pet rescue cause. Their love of animals helped the couple to quickly establish a reputation in the community for compassionate and trustworthy animal care. With that reputation they started reaching out, trying to get more support for the local animal shelters and heading the local chapter of the ASPCA.

A few years after they noticed the lack of well-run pet stores in their area, noting especially the lack of space and care of the animals. Taking the next logical step they went through to steps of finding a suitable space and location for their own store. The couple paired up with local business AMG Services to create a business plan for the trade-in pet store.

"Neither of us had any notion that this would be an easy task, but we also had no idea how hard it could possibly get," said Julia Nolan. "Thanks to AMG Services, our idea finally got off the ground. We hope the store will cause people to love and value the idea of pet rescue."

Creative and Clever will feature not only the humans of "Trading Places," but will share profiles of some of the first animals to reach the store. Users can learn more about available pets, the Nolans, and animal rescue on Creative and Clever.

"Trading Places" is located at 246 North First Street in the downtown district and will be open in early April. The Nolans currently reside in Birmingham, AL with their five dogs, three cats, four birds, and iguana.

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