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AMG Services Introduces New Habit Tracker App

AMG Services will be releasing their newest app for all portable devices early next month. Gadgets Made Simple reviews the app with exclusive photos and video.


Bismark, ND -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/09/2015 --In the latest article in their 'On the Move' series, Gadgets Made Simple covers the new habit tracking app from AMG Services entitled, "Fresh Start." The app tracks a multitude of user defined data to adjust to each person's needs.

"This is currently the best habit tracking app we have seen," says George Harrimon, senior editor of Gadgets Made Simple. "The amount of variables able to be manipulated is astounding while at the same time able to be cut down to only necessities if wanted. The automatically generated graphs and charts are crystal clear and a huge help for visual learners trying to change or start new habits."

Fresh Start will feature several new algorithms, allowing it to take in and put out more data than competing apps. This gives users several choices of how they want to view their data. Fresh Start can be linked to any cloud service or kept only on a single device with both options protected with military grade encryption.

"We were just not impressed with all the other choices currently on the market," says Harmen Williams, project head of AMG Services. "So we decided to do something about it. Fresh Start will hopefully help people change their own way, in their own timeframe. We know firsthand that it has worked for several of us in house, so we feel very confident putting this out there."

The new app from AMG Services, Fresh Start, hits the shelves the beginning of next month. Gadgets Made Simple will have a preview of the app, along with screen shots and interviews with the creative team behind it.

About AMG Services
AMG Services is a web designing company based out of Los Angeles, CA. They have helped design sites ranging from small businesses, and personal to several major, well known companies. They are currently taking new contracts until the end of the year when they start a new overseas collaboration with several other design companies.

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