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AMG Services Curates Monthly Cassette Tape Series

Vintage musical equipment retailer AMG Services to release “Lost Tapes” music series on cassette starting this summer. Music Lovers Blog to feature the series, interview curators, and host exclusive tracks.


Louisville, KY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2015 --Music Lovers Blog will showcase AMG Services' "Lost Tapes" series starting this June. AMG Services, which opened its vintage musical equipment store last year June, will begin releasing the tapes to pre-registered subscribers.

"It's a really cool idea," says Will Idlers, a contributor to Music Lovers Blog. "Every month you get a surprise in the mail so you can just pop it in the tape player and enjoy. The cassette tape medium has already come back in a big way, and this is just taking it to the next level."

AMG Services has been working with local artists to curate 90 minutes of content for each tape. Each tape will be a mix of found sounds and new music, and revolve around a thematic element. The first release, which is scheduled for June, is titled "Lost Summer."

"We have been working with artists and bands since we opened our doors last year," says AMG Services owner Junelle Parker. "Jazz musicians, hip hop MCs, punks – they all love our store because we sell vintage equipment that you can't get at a typical store. Our stuff just sounds better, and that attracts music lovers who are searching for something authentic."

The partnership between local musicians and the AMG Services store sprung up naturally, through after hours events and gigs. The store's owner first had the idea for a subscription based tape project when she and her husband were discussing the long forgotten tape cassette single which was popular in the 1980s.

"I think it's amazing that you can get more than an hour of music on a really cool medium for only $10 a month," says Idlers. "Our readers love that sort of thing, and even though you'll be able to preview a few minutes of it on the website, there's going to be nothing better than getting your cassette in the mail and taking time to relax and drink it all in."

The "Lost Tapes" series will be limited to 400 subscribers. Enrollment will open in May, both on the AMG Services website and at Music Lovers Blog, with the first tapes hitting the mail in time for summer.

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AMG Services is a musical equipment store that sells instruments, stereos, and recording equipment from decades past. The store also hosts weekly live events.

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