Amovius Is 'Going Green' with Custom Software Development

Amovius enhances infrastructure and technology capabilities to provide greater flexibility to employees and clients


Melbourne, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2013 --Amovius is custom software development and consulting company located in Melbourne, FL. They offer software solutions ranging from Consulting, to Enterprise Software Development and Application Support services. John Hudak, Vice President of Solutions Delivery, architected and developed the enhanced remote access program, allowing greater flexibility to Amovius employees. John noted, “Remote access programs and telecommuting options are all excellent recruiting and retention tools that allow our organization to be competitive. Our pool of Consultants and Software Engineers has increased dramatically, allowing us to acquire top talent across the U.S. and better serve the needs of our clients.”

Software Engineers and Technical Consultants work long hours to solve problems and take their knowledge to the next level. Amovius’ technical team has passion for taking care of customers and getting the job done. With enhancements to Amovius’ technology infrastructure, it is now possible to connect to internal resources such as File Servers, Code Repositories as well as Development and Test boxes remotely. This eco-friendly solution comes just as gas prices are on the rise. Now that employees have the capability to securely access the corporate network remotely, Amovius’ employees and clients will save valuable time and money.

What Is the Potential Bottom Line Impact or Return on Investment of the Widespread Adoption of Telework in the U.S.? According to, ‘”If those with compatible jobs and a desire to work from home did so just half the time (roughly the national average for those who do so regularly) the national savings would total over $700 Billion a year including:

- A typical business would save $11,000 per person per year
- The telecommuters would save between $2,000 and $7,000 a year
- The oil savings would equate to over 37% of our Persian Gulf imports
- The greenhouse gas reduction would be the equivalent of taking the entire New York State workforce permanently off the road.”

With rumors that Yahoo will no longer honor work from home arrangements, Amovius, as with many other hi-tech firms, are trying to capitalize on the talent. The collaboration and productivity issues that Yahoo experienced was headed off by Amovius. By standing up the infrastructure to support remote work arrangements and collaboration tools such as Skype, Go To Meeting and a Voice Over IP phone system where employees receive requests directly to their Smartphones, the program has been in pilot for a few months and the results are better than expected. Burton Toole, CEO of Amovius, added “We have seen an increase in employee morale and productivity and have better insight to the daily tasks that are being worked on since. Our software engineers and technical consultants aren’t getting pulled into collaboration meetings numerous times a day and can stay focused on their daily tasks. I am looking forward to seeing the talent we will be able to attract with our remote work arrangement.”

Amovius utilizes daily Scrum’s (an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing software projects), often run by a Program Manager, to assign daily tasks to the feature teams and unlock potential roadblocks. Manager’s schedule regular one on one’s with the technical staff to discuss employee satisfaction, career progression plans, training and certification opportunities and to obtain 360 feedback from employees. The remote access program will also serve as a launch pad in identifying key markets across the United States that will support future development centers.

About Amovius
Amovius is a Custom Software Development and Consulting firm headquartered in Melbourne, Florida. Our main focus is providing cutting edge, high quality software solutions to meet enterprise business needs. Amovius focuses on technologies such as: Microsoft, JAVA, and Oracle and specializes in service offerings including Big Data, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Automation, Custom Application Development and System Integrations. Amovius is able to provide these services from their U.S. based, onshore Development Center or at the client's location. In addition to Consulting and Custom Software Development, Amovius offers a variety of application support options for software we have developed as well as our customer’s existing software applications. Amovius is proud to be a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Oracle Gold Partner and HP Silver AllianceONE Partner. For more information, call (888) 226 – 7162 or visit us at