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Ampare Make Chrome App Online and Standalone Software Product Versions to Be Launched Soon

Ampare Engine, a Bangkok based software development firm, recently confirmed that their Make Chrome App software product is soon to be launched.


Lak Si, Bangkok -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/02/2016 --Ampare Engine, a Thailand based technological innovations firm that has its forte in innovative software designing and development, recently announced that their 'Make Chrome App' software product will soon be launched. The developers said that the software is still in its beta stage and they are testing its compatibility right now. They also confirmed that both the online version and the standalone version would be launched soon.

Speaking at an investor conference, one lead developer from Ampare told that the online version has its own limitations compared to the standalone version which they believe is 'near perfect' in all aspects. The software development company also arranged for a live demo of both the online and standalone versions of the software product and the developers guided the attendees to take a walkthrough during the live demo session so they could understand how the two versions would typically work. The event was also attended by a number of software professionals, technology news magazine editors and members of the local press.

"Both the versions make it easy for anyone to design their own app for immediate release on Chrome. We have created certain form functions that would reduce the turnaround and also eliminate errors during the app development process. We believe that the software product would be loved by anyone who does not wish to outsource his app development project to any freelancer or app development agency. It's the ultimate solution for people who wish to design and develop their own apps and release them via Chrome", said a developer from Ampare.

Juthawong Naisanguansee, who is the current managing director and one of the founder members of Ampare Engine, told the press that the online version of the Make Chrome App software product would be cheaper than the standalone version, with the later loaded with a host of advanced and more sophisticated features. "The beauty of the software program lies in the fact that users do not need programming knowledge for designing apps. People can simply design and launch their apps on Chrome using the software program", he told the press.

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Ampare Engine is a Thai software development firm running under the inspiring leadership of Juthawong Naisanguansee.

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