Amy's Undies

Amy's Undies Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Give Women with Larger Bottoms Better Underwear

Amy’s Undies hopes to raise funds to provide comfort-driven underwear for women of all sizes!


St. Louis, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/30/2016 --Amy's Undies offers women with a bigger butt the chance to enjoy comfortable, breathable, and attractive underwear made just for them. Owned and operated by a woman who has experienced her fair share of uncomfortable underwear, Amy's Undies is set to launch an Indiegogo campaign on November 6, 2016 to fund a larger selection of color options for their customers.

"According to a Size USA study, over 29% of women have a butt that is proportionally outside the current sizing standards," says founder Amy Jones "Not a single manufacturer offers underwear choices to these 29% of women that have more curve. This is broken system."

Giving women back their freedom to actually enjoy wearing underwear, Amy's Undies is evolving the way the industry manufacturers women's underwear through a patent pending measurement system. The sizing options available through the brand encompass those 29% of women by accounting for their proportions accurately for the 1st time.

To provide women with more options of their patent pending underwear system, Amy's Undies is seeking $20,000 in funds to support their goal. Only the best fabric would do for Amy's Undies, so Bamboo Viscose was chosen. The fabric is not only breathable, it also prevents odor, includes moisture wicking properties, and is of course stretchy.

For women who are tired of every piece of underwear they own turning into a thong, hate granny panties, or simply want a more comfortable underwear option, Amy's Undies offers hope.

To learn more about the brand, or to donate to their Indiegogo campaign and play a part in changing the way the clothing industry views women, please visit and sign up for their newsletter and stay-up-to-date with the latest news about the campaign and the brand.