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An Engineer's Life Planned via Backward Design

African American Male Engineer On A Mission To Inspire Parents


Pittsburgh, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2018 --Author Naeem K. Turner-Bandele may be an outlier, but his progress thus far has not been the result of luck. That is of course unless you define 'luck' as the Roman philosopher, Seneca, did "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

It's become increasingly common for people to ask about Naeem's lucky life. Questioned routinely about things such as how he wound up playing soccer in Brazil, how he left high school after his junior year, how he became multilingual, how he became an engineer, and how he decided to pursue a Ph.D. Regardless of the variation of the questions, the answer is always the same. According to Naeem, "Who I am and what I've done begins not with luck but with parents who have always been zealous advocates for my life. Before I was born my parents created a template for my life – a backward design strategy that continues to prepare me each day to overcome challenges and maximize opportunities."

Immensely grateful to his parents, Naeem wrote: "¿Qué haremos hoy? (What Are We Gonna Do Today?)". Naeem knows there is no way that he can repay his parents for all that they did. Moreover, he knows his parents do not expect and would not accept repayment of any kind.

"The one thing that I'd like to do to honor my parents for encouraging and inspiring me is to pay it forward. "I'd like to be a catalyst for other parents to see the immense value of having affirmed and supportive relationships with their children."

"¿Qué haremos hoy? (What Are We Gonna Do Today?)" is a beautifully illustrated activity guide (available in both English and Spanish) to help parents remain intentionally involved with their children year-round. "¿Qué haremos hoy? (What Are We Gonna Do Today?)" chronicles two inquisitive children questioning their parents ¿Qué haremos hoy? alternatively, "what are we gonna do today?". "¿Qué haremos hoy? (What Are We Gonna Do Today?)"' highlights things I did with my parents that not only intensified my curiosity but laid an excellent foundation for how to approach life. I can't imagine what my life would be without intentional and actively engaged parents."

Naeem knows what he is going to do today and tomorrow. Naeem's life mission statement includes using technology to create products and services that enhance the human condition especially for those who have been historically and geographically disenfranchised and underserved. In the immediate, Naeem hopes that "¿Qué haremos hoy? (What Are We Gonna Do Today?)" encourages at least one parent to read with and be actively engaged in their child's life.

About Naeem K. Turner-Bandele
Naeem K. Turner-Bandele is a first-year Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The Zionsville, Indiana resident and Santa Clara University School of Engineering alum patterns himself on being a man for others. He is proficient in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Turner-Bandele is the Region 6 Chair for the National Society of Black Engineers and a National GEM Consortium Associate Fellow. The Carnegie Mellon University doctoral student was previously a Science Undergraduate Laboratory Intern at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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