Skyway group

An Exciting Opportunity to Earn Huge Money on Daily Basis

Smart Contract Square is the Most Secure & Transparent Technology to Help People Make Handsome Money Every Day


Moscow, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2020 --Skyway Group of Companies has proudly announced that it is introducing a remarkable new Smart Contract Square Technology with Banking System that is designed to help people make great sums of money on daily basis. With this technology, people can earn and get paid daily directly from their own Bank account, and people from around the world can benefit from this earning platform. This technology has been developed by the 100% Decentralized Matrix Concept, and very few people know about it.

"We are pleased to announce that we will now make the world aware of crowd funding with the Advanced Technology Square Smart Contract System, and it will help people around the world make money with ease." Said the spokesperson of Skyway Group of Companies. "With everything automated and decentralized, the Skyway's Smart Contract Square system is modeled like an attractive matrix marketing plan, and it is programmed on the Square Blockchain Technology with advanced smart contract square Technology." He added.

In addition, Skyway Transport and Construction has a very large group of companies under 240 companies, and this group is known around the world due to its massive volume in the market. Unlike centralized cryptocurrency projects, Skyway founders never capture or store a user's crypto currency, which makes it absolutely secure for the users. Moreover, since the direct personal bank account of the user receives everything, it makes it even more secure for transactions. Furthermore, all transactions can be easily verified on the Smart contract as the system is completely transparent.

"The global outreach and benefits of this technology are endless because Skyway already has millions of people working around the world on its various projects in the construction, transportation and finance sector." said the spokesperson of the company. "People can easily earn 1000 USD or more with this technology as our aim is to help as much people as we can." He added. According to the spokesperson, people right now have the opportunity to be a part of the pioneering phase of this project as it will not only be a game-changer but also a life-changer for many.