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An Innovative Wearable Swimming Trainer Is Found on Indiegogo

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for the ‘Aqua 100’ crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. This campaign is fundraising to bring a wearable “personal swimming coach” device to market.


San Jose dos Campos, BR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/02/2014 --Tirante A, a Brazilian based technology company that focuses on adventure sports electronic accessories, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This campaign has a funding goal of $40,000, which needs to be raised by November 7th in order to bring their newest innovation, the Aqua 100, to market. The Aqua 100 is an innovative training device that functions as a wearable swimming trainer, personal coach, and progress tracker all in one. The creators’ state: “The idea of AQUA 100 came from the boring task of counting laps, mainly when you are training long distances in a 25 yards swimming pool. A traditional clock cannot be easily watched when you are swimming, so the AQUA 100 design was born to solve this problem.”

Anyone who has ever swam for fitness or professionally knows that it is not always possible to mentally track their strokes or time, and stopping to check the clock can interfere with a swimming regimen. That is where the Aqua 100 will make the work-out more efficient because while “wearing this innovative device you won't need to stop swimming to check your performance.” The Aqua 100 tracks a swimmers progress by keeping track of: the start and end time, stroke rate, laps completed, number of stroke cycles, average stroke rate, average distance, training time, downtime, and the distance covered. It also has a date feature to help a swimmer keep track of their overall progress, a clock feature for swimmers that need to pay attention to the time, and a compass to monitor their direction in open water.

Not only does this device have essentially every feature a serious swimmer could want in a training device, but it is also very user friendly and easily controlled through motion. In fact, the only button the device has is the on/off button, and all of the features are programmed through a simple combination of the button and motion. A swimmer can easily turn features on or off with a flick of their wrist, or a movement of their hand. It also comes with a USB connector for PC interface which enables the swimmer to download all of their data to their computer, thereby enabling them to keep track of their progress and goals. Many of these features and aspects were implemented through collaboration with professional swimmers. “For the development of AQUA 100 [the creators] Ivan Santanna and Renato Pisani invited Fabiola Molina and Diogo Yabe, both professional swimmers with participation in Olympic games, to help define features, test and improve it.”

The Aqua 100 team has already completed all essential groundwork for development of their device including the creation of a fully functional prototype, and are now ready to begin the next step in mass production which is why they have launched their crowdfunding campaign. The campaign is offering supporters a wide range of perks in exchange for their contribution to the project. These perks, which serve as funding incentives, range in value from a “Thank you” perk which enables a supporter to follow campaign, to various merchandise items including a swimsuit, and the chance to pre-purchase the device in varying levels, kits, and combinations. Full details can be found on their campaign page.

About Tirante A
Tirante A is a high technology company based in Brazil that focuses on adventure sports equipment. The company is owned and operated by Ivan Santanna and Renato Pisani, who are both electronic engineers with 16 years of expertise in electronic development. They are both sports lovers and passionate about outdoor activities.

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