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An Insured Needs to Hire a Public Adjuster Immediately After Property Damage


Feasterville-Trevose, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2018 --After experiencing damage to a home or business, immediately contact a public adjuster.

For homeowners or business claims that involve situations where there is an extreme amount of property damage, most insurance policy holders will make the decision to file a claim, rather than take on the entire financial burden of rebuilding the building or replacing their personal property themselves.

Filing a property insurance claim is normally complicated and stressful on the insured. In claims where the loss exceeds the amount that the insured can afford, it is best to hire an experienced public adjuster that can streamline the process and handle the claim in a professional manner.

Starting the claims process begins with contacting the insurance agent and giving them all the information that concerns the property damage. At some point during the claims process the insured will get a call from the insurance company's claims adjuster. The claims adjuster will visit the property to adjust the loss. Once the adjuster is at the property, it now becomes the insured's burden to prove the loss and quantify the damages. Most insureds cannot document the loss properly. At this point in time, it is appropriate to consider hiring a public adjuster. A public insurance adjuster is an independent adjuster who represents the insured. They are experts in filing property insurance claims. Public insurance adjusters are hired by insurance policy holders to make sure that they are receiving their full benefits from the insurance policy that has been purchased. AAA Public Adjusters of Philadelphia is a well-respected public adjusting firm that will represent your interest. On the other hand, the insurance company adjuster, whether it is a staff adjuster or an independent adjuster, represents the insurance company interests. These adjusters are micromanaged by their respective insurance companies and have no interest in exposing the full loss to the insured.

When it is Best to Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster

From the onset of the claim, it is best to call in a public adjusting firm like AAA Public Adjusters before calling your insurance company. Public insurance adjusters are professionals that know your policy provisions, conditions, and exclusions. They will do an estimate of loss and meet at the loss location with the insurance company adjuster on the insured's behalf. Ultimately, they will obtain the proper settlement.

Reasons People Choose to Hire Public Insurance Adjusters

There are several reasons why some home or business owners choose to hire their own public insurance adjuster. These reasons include:

- Large losses that the insured cannot handle on their own

- When the company insurance adjuster is not communicating well with them

- When the insured is not in agreement with the scope and estimate of loss that the company adjuster provided.

- An insured may choose to hire a public insurance adjuster when they disagree with the decision of the insurance company's adjuster and their interpretation of the policy language.

These are the most common reasons insureds hire a public adjuster, but sometimes, a home or business owner may hire a public adjuster just because they are too busy to deal with the claims process themselves.

Whatever the reason, it is good for policy holders to have an option of a public insurance adjuster to represent them in their claim if needed.

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