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Analytics: Why They Matter

More than ever, marketing businesses are being pressed to maximize effectiveness and optimize Return On Investment (ROI), and for good reason. 


Tulsa, OK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/10/2020 --Companies need to know their marketing spend is delivering bottom-line results by identifying, reaching, engaging, converting, and retaining more customers. The reporting from eXpect3 offers actionable insights, and we are continuously learning

from the website user, in order to make smarter decisions and improve your business results.

Without accountability in marketing, business relationships can deteriorate. 

In marketing accountability means taking ownership of specific goals set for a business or organization. There are multiple factors that contribute to successful accountability in Marketing. These include:

Strategy: Marketing resource allocation and planning are supported by robust forecasting and market mix models that include offline, online, and non-media.

Functional and Role Alignment: Marketing is partnering effectively with all business units and stakeholders essential to the growth strategy to fulfill its expected contribution to company growth.

Cross-Functional Organizational Structures: High degrees of integration between marketing, executive leadership and business units.

Enterprise Measures & KPIs: Company growth performance reporting connects marketing data from many sources to support measures (KPIs) that are measurable and comparable.

Planning: Planning is largely connected to financial outcomes and mostly based on data-driven inputs and updated on a frequent (daily/weekly/monthly) basis.

Funding Process: The majority of marketing investments and programs are made in a centralized planning and funding process.

The metrics provided by eXpect3 Digital Media Agency provide an optimal opportunity to discuss your brand goals while breaking down complex topics and barriers.

This includes your campaign results and progress. Our metrics provide the insights and suggest action-oriented next steps. We aim is to consistently provide marketing strategies founded on personalization, with authenticity, and transparency as cornerstones to our analytics.