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Android TV XBMC Box Poised to Revolutionize Entertainment, Announces Android

Android XBMC Box manufacturer and developer announces their newest lineup of XBMC Android TV boxes for consumers and enterprise level customers.


Largo, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/01/2014 --Android XBMC box manufacturer Android has announced their newest XBMC set top box solution slated for release in December of 2014. The company has been hard at work since 2012 developing the latest technologies and software platforms designed to enhance the entertainment experience for consumers, but now with the release of their newest lineup of products, the company is aiming at the business to business market for the purpose of distributing their Android TV media boxes to businesses for commercial applications.

The Android XBMC box utilizing a media player called XBMC, which is a free open source program allowing developers to add content to this system. The result of the XBMC community is a massive entertainment repository allowing viewers to access their favorite streaming content through an easy to use interface. Many users have touted this platform has one of the greatest things to ever grace home entertainment, and many others have used this system for commercial applications as a way to bring entertainment options to their customer base.

Jason Labossiere, President and Visionary for EXO Level LLC. the parent company of Android, states "The future of entertainment is clear. Companies like Netflix and Hulu have raked in millions of subscribers offering a simple pay to watch solution for people tired of traditional cable or satellite. Our market has been created by these guys, and when these users see the flexibility of our system and how it will revolutionize their entertainment experience, we expect users to flock to our platform."

Mr. Labossiere continues, "It's no secret that Android has changed the way cell phone users interact with their devices. While in my opinion Apple pioneered this, Android took it to the next level by providing a mechanism to folks to design their phones just the way they want. Our Android TV devices are no different. These new systems are completely rooted allowing a level of customization like no other. People and companies alike will love this stuff."

About Android XBMC box manufacturer Android
Currently, the company is eyeing venture capital from several sources as well as additional funding for expanding their wholesale and retail footprint. The company has brought in a team of attorneys, consultants, marketing companies, and other entities in a major expansion push which the company says will put them "in the game".

For more information about and their Android XBMC box solutions visit the website and fill in the form on the website. One of their representatives will call right away to assist with any product questions.