Angel Net GPS Tracker Gives Peace of Mind to Families Affected by Autism or Alzheimer's


Queens, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/03/2016 --For loved ones caring for a relative with Alzheimer's, or parents with an autistic child who has a tendency to wander, the most terrifying moment in their lives may be realizing that the person they are caring for is missing. While GPS and Bluetooth tracking products have been introduced to the market, they generally have a low range, if they track at all.

Angel Net GPS Tracker aims to change that. They have developed a GPS tracker that offers both temperature sensing (an exclusive feature!) and live tracking so that responsible relatives always know where their loved one is, and that they're safe. You can set up instant alerts for specific zones, such as when a child gets to a park or school, or if the adult leaves the place they're supposed to be. The battery lasts for 7 days, unlike any other products on the market, and features wireless charging for ultimate convenience.

Angel Net's GPS tracker offers On the Move live updates to your mobile device, along with instant alerts if the car that your loved one is in begins to speed or stops for a length of time. It's even sensitive enough to track someone on foot; no other tracker on the market offers this feature. These impressive specifications and powerful apps protect and offer insights into daily lives 24/7.

To create this tracker, Angel Net built upon trackers that they are currently selling for commercial fleets, and are used to track fleet vehicles, perishable packages, personnel, or equipment.

There are two different styles of covers available for the GPS tracker, depending on whether the device is intended for an adult or a child. The tracker itself is inside of a rubberized ABS case, and offers either kid-friendly clip on covers, or a leather keychain cover for adults.

Several different reward levels are available for the Angel Net GPS tracker, from having a name listed on the website in thanks for support to tracker and service packages.

About Angel Net
The Angel Net GPS tracker was created specifically to help address the needs of those caring for individuals with autism and Alzheimer's. People with both of these conditions can be prone to wandering away, and the current GPS trackers on the market were insufficient for keeping them safe. The makers of the Angel Net GPS tracker strongly believe that this device can help to save lives and keep families safe.

In addition to the crowdfunding campaign, Angel Net is inviting organizations to work together to help families that are unable to afford the regular retail prices of the GPS tracker.

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