ANIL UZUN Calls for Action on Eating Habits

ANIL UZUN calls for action to develop ecosystems to end the climate crisis and create a sustainable future.


Manchester, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/04/2021 --ANIL UZUN says "The world is dying and we need to develop natural ecosystems that produce food. We need to help nature to sustain itself. Humanity has been using the natural resources carelessly and the world has been giving out signals that it will not be able to feed humanity in the near future." And he asks "But what shall we do?"

ANIL UZUN continues to tell what he does. "I try to reduce my carbon footprint. I do consume sustainable food, I try to be waste free. I try to eat better, consume less meat and dairy. I do buy local, seasonal and environmentally friendly food, I prefer the products that have Fairtrade-certificate. I only buy fish only from sustainable sources. And I have the chance to grow my own in bits."

He tells: "Humanity has been using natural resources like there is no tomorrow and there is already a food crisis in many parts of the world. The way we eat, the way we consume is going to put an end in this world."

ANIL UZUN continues: "Today a high percentage of the agricultural fields are growing crops for the factory farming and dairy industry. If the mass production stops the world can feed the population with nourishing food. Sustainable farming is the answer to keep the world habitable. In the sustainable farming activities both the consumer and the producer will provide a living for themselves."

"There are a lot of people doing permaculture and natural farming but that is not enough. Big companies should adopt sustainable farming practices. Right now the world population is mostly feeding on fast food that is both killing themselves and the world. Sustainable farming will save the world with the people living in it." ANIL UZUN adds.

"If we create natural ecosystems we could put an end to hunger. Today, more than 820 million people are hungry globally. While the food waste is at its best."

ANIL UZUN adds "But I would like to add that not all of the industrial food is bad for the world or for humanity. Today, many countries can feed their population with mass production but it has to be regulated and more transparent. You can sustainably mass-product. You can produce clean food without any hormones or the cruelty against animals."

"Clean Food shall come from acleans soil, without any hormones, it shall be minimally processed. It is healtier if you eat the food closest to the point of harvest. Clean food is the answer for environmental, social, and economic sustainability and for human health." he continues.

"We owe the world a sustainable future. If we're serious about saving the world, we need morality. We have to keep our promise to mother nature. We need to preserve it with more clean and sustainable food production means. We need to grow good food." ANIL UZUN adds.

"Buy less, eat less meat and dairy. Respect nature, respect the animals and then the world will find a way to keep going." he finishes.

ANIL UZUN is a chef and a professional restaurant manager who aims to inform people about healthy eating. He has been a consultant to restaurants for 8 years and he also has experience in journalism, so he creates TV Show contents and recipes.