ANIL UZUN Photography

ANIL UZUN Calls for Action to Overthrow Male Dominance in Architecture Photography

ANIL UZUN calls for action to start a revolution in architecture and the building industry genre to be more gender equal.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/25/2021 --ANIL UZUN has been an architect and a photographer since 1994 and he wants women photographers to share their ideas and inspiration for the Architecture genre.

ANIL UZUN says, "I don't see much difference between male and female photographers. But, male photographers are still predominant in every genre and architecture is one of them. That is not a"natural" selection but I can understand that in many parts of the world it is not safe while walking through the streets. I see a lot of my female friends hire a male assistant for safety reasons."

Great professional photographers that are women have achieved prominence throughout the years in many genres and ANIL UZUN thinks now is the time for architecture.

ANIL UZUN continues "Gender stereotypes are our barriers. Society strongly influences women's choices and prevents career progress for women in many fields. Women are underrepresented in different fields including photography. I think it is important that men should encourage women's participation to promote gender equality."

ANIL UZUN is an architect and a photographer. He was born in 1968 in Istanbul. He has been taking photos since 1990 and has been an architect since 1994. ANIL UZUN organizes group exhibitions for the underground artists, facilitates projects for independent photography artists, and makes their work seen. He also joins the photography projects and presentations with his books. He works as an independent architect for many companies and projects and continues to travel worldwide to take photos.