ANIL UZUN Celebrates the Variety of Turkish Food

Turkish chef ANIL UZUN celebrates the variety of Turkish food.


Manchester, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/08/2021 --ANIL UZUN has been working for restaurants and counseling professional chefs and restaurants on healthy and eco-friendly food for many years. Today he is very proud to announce that Turkish Cuisine gained popularity. He celebrates the increasing demand for Turkish Food.

ANIL UZUN says "For a long time Turkish entrepreneurs have been bullishly opening mainstream restaurants that have traditions in Turkish food. In many parts of the world Turks have been contributing a lot to food service. Turkey being in the conjunction of the Middle East and Medditeranean has a very rich food culture and this has put Turkish food in a glowing spotlight in foodservice."

When it comes to fine dining, many of the best known and most prosperous chefs are big supporters of diversity and this creates a space for Turkish food as well.

"Turkish food professionals, head chefs or sous chefs are largely present from mid to upscale restaurants in the wolrd." says ANIL UZUN. "Food in the UK is a multi-billion pound business, supposedly the third largest employment sector in the whole economy, and I am very proud where Turkish Cuisine stands in this. Diversity creates achievement in every sector."

ANIL UZUN also states that the recession caused by the pandemic gave many corporate foodservice companies an excuse to dismantle their diversity programs, but he is optimistic about the future.

ANIL UZUN is a professional chef, an adventurer and a professional restaurant manager who aims to inform people about healthy eating. He has been a consultant to restaurants for 8 years and he also has experience in journalism, he creates TV Show contents and develops recipes and publishes cookbooks.