Missing Pet Finder

Animal Lovers Go Wild for the New Missing Pet Finder Community Mobile App

Anyone fond of animals will love this new app, which blends social networking with location features and promises to bring home more missing pets this Christmas than ever before.


La Jolla, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/17/2019 --Rapidly notifying those in your immediate area is crucial to the successful return of your pet, but knocking on doors could now be a thing of the past. Available today, the Missing Pet Finder app can send notifications to other users in the local vicinity, providing a network of eyes to help reunite a wandering pet.

Every missing pet has a unique and often fascinating story which other app users can follow in the group chat section. Here they can also contact the owner, help out and make friends.

Pet owners can coordinate the whole search campaign through the app. Enabling them to target a specific location, rapidly print posters with privacy-enhancing quick response codes, and utilise the extensive social media sharing capabilities provided.

Not a pet owner? It doesn't matter; if you have eyes, you can help.

"We know from personal experience what valued members of the family pets are, and in some cases, they are a person's whole reason for living. The devastation caused when a pet goes missing is heartbreaking. We aim to alleviate that by reuniting loved ones through the app. We're looking to gain widespread adoption, even by those who don't own pets but like the idea of helping others."

"The app is fun too. Though of course, there is the occasional sad ending, most owners eventually find their pets, and it's wonderful to know that you played a part in making that happen." - Co-Founder of Missing Pet Finder, Jodie Milford.

The Missing Pet Finder app is free to download and available now from the App Store.

In the next version of the app, the team will focus heavily on social features.

"We aim to make Missing Pet Finder a fully-fledged chat platform, that can go head to head with WhatsApp and other big tech offerings. People are disaffected by the tech giants who seem to be involved in controversy daily. They're looking for alternatives: Why not choose an app that has a positive social impact instead?" - Co-Founder of Missing Pet Finder, Jodie Milford.

Download the app now and share with your family, friends and neighbours. You can make a difference.

For more information, including screenshots and a demo video, please visit https://missingpet.app/press-release-17-12-2019.html

Moosia LLC is a US company founded by three UK nationals in 2019 for the sole purpose of releasing Missing Pet Finder. The idea for the app came after the trio spent days putting up posters and knocking on doors to help a friend find her cat. Sadly that story did not have a happy ending. They hope that others, with the aid of the app, can find a happier outcome.

For further information or interviews, please contact:

Jodie Milford
1 (619) 354-6117
UK 01225 959 102