Animation Video Maker from Animiz Helps Everyone Create Stylish Videos

The animation video maker from Animiz has excellent animation effects that embellish scene objects to make the animation videos more stylish.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/19/2019 --Animation videos are rich and engaging mediums that help enterprises explain their products to customers. Animiz provides a free animation video maker for creating professional animation videos. Designers, developers and marketers can use the pre-designed templates to design interactive animation videos for marketing. Animiz has libraries of media tools and elements including images, callouts, shapes, animated roles and more to create highly engaging animation videos. The software also has excellent animation effects such as exit, entrance and emphasis that help to embellish all the objects in scenes to make the animation videos more stylish. Users are allowed to set time alignments for the animation effects too.

"Our animation video maker enables users to insert multiple cameras to videos to allow switching between cameras," said Jason Chan, Manager of Animiz. "Audiences will be able to zoom in and out based on their needs. Multiple cameras make it easy for users to animate videos and develop captivating visual stories that will connect and hook viewers to watch, learn and make purchasing decisions."

Users utilize the resources at Animiz to tell stories about their products, customers, compliance changes or even share persuasive and compelling messages that will convince audiences to take action. They can visually represent their abstract ideas using animation videos and let audiences connect with them without constraints. Animiz has flexible video setting options where users can select the video frame, size and format and also add watermarks to their videos. This helps them customize their projects and extensively attract more viewers.

"Our technology allows marketers to include background music to their animation videos to capture viewers' attention," continued Mr. Chan. "Having the right background music in animation videos helps to tame the mood of the audiences and the atmosphere of the presentations. It also gives viewers an upscale viewing experience. Music and video scenes improve viewers' hearing and visual experiences and help them enjoy the presentations."

Animiz technology allows users to move characters, switch backgrounds and add props to their animation videos through drag and drop functions. They can try different ways to communicate messages that will leave a lasting impact on their target audiences. Animation videos created at Animiz provide a guided tour through content and can control the pace of the viewers. Users can use the rich media provided, such as visual elements, music, movement, and more to highlight important points. Users can also save their videos as GIF animation images for viewing on the local.

About Animiz
Animiz provides software solutions for enterprises, individuals, educators and designers who want to improve their marketing strategies. Their products can be download on Windows. For more information, please visit Animiz website.