Animiz, an Animated Video Maker Software for Creating Personalized Videos

Animiz is an animated video maker software that enables users to create their own video animations.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/19/2017 --With video presentations gaining wide acceptance in business, education and even social settings, the need for a professional video maker has left most businesses with an increased budget. Now, however, Animiz announces the free animated video maker software for creating animated videos and gifs in the shortest time possible with zero experience and without missing out the juices that make up professional videos.

This animated video maker software could be the answer to the quest of those in search for a user-friendly, no-geek, code-free, yet powerful professional animated video maker software to help them convert their ideas into rich video-graphic presentations for the most effective results. The software is acclaimed for its suitability for today's business/course/events presentations.

"Animiz brings you the simplest yet complete animated video presentation platform to create videos and gifs with animations for free. Its functionalities include enabling users to provide the charm and inspiration that captivates their audiences through animated video presentations," said the Jerry Fong, designer of Animiz.

The highlights of the Animiz software include over 300 high-quality and representative templates for effective customizations, lively animation effects for interactive presentations, preset scenes, and its suitability for business, education, and individuals. By empowering even the inexperienced user to create breathtaking video presentations using the features provided within the software interface, the Animiz software eliminates the need to engage unduly long discussions with professional media creators to effectively communicate their ideas in order to get the best video representation of their ideas.

In only four essential steps, Animiz animation creator software delivers interactive and stunning videos in minutes. Giving its users full control to create, use desired customizations, and animations, Animiz can speed up the process of publishing an idea in an engaging video format. "Through simple steps, Animiz helps you to customize your own animated videos with ease and in style. You are completely in charge of everything - from designing charming scenes to publishing striking animated videos. Take advantage of this animated video software and kickstart your creativity for FREE", said Jerry.

About Animiz
Animiz is the trending software development company that is dedicated to developing powerful animated video creation software that is easy to use and suitable for businesses, education, as well as individuals.