Animiz Announces Cartoon Animation Software for Beginners

Animiz’s cartoon animation software for beginners is flexible, intuitive and easy to use by users with no design experience.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2019 --Beginners are giving Animiz the thumbs-up for their recently announced flexible, intuitive and easy to use cartoon animation software for beginners. They are intrigued with the animation tools, features and functionalities that come with the software. Enterprises, authors, entertainers and educators are becoming interested in this game-changing advancement and how it is going to transform their operations – all for free and with zero experience.

Now everyone can make professional cartoon animation videos for marketing, education, entertainment, business and more using tons of pre-set animations, templates and other tools for customizing the videos to their liking. The best part is that the cartoon animations are pre-filtered under easy-to-find multiple categories including travel, sports, intro, birthday, info-graphics and more.

"Using our cartoon animation software is very simple. Users with no knowledge of design can just click, choose, drag and drop, edit and play the features," said Jerry Fong, Designer of Animiz. "Once they select their favourite templates, they can play their videos and get a glimpse of what their final products will look like. They can then add and edit scenes, add their personalized content and animation effects to draw the attention of their audience, and more. From the interface, they can also preview their creations and adjust them accordingly at any time."

To help enterprises, educators and other users enhance their techniques, Animiz has developed a series of video and animation software for all industries. Great news for beginners is that all their software come with tutorials that are easy to comprehend and 24-hour customer support from the company's expert teams. They can design captivating cartoon animations hassle-free.

"For beginners to use our cartoon animation software, they need to register on our platform," continued Jerry Fong. "Once they are comfortable using our free features, they can step up their game by getting our priced plans, which are favorably priced. This will unlock a bevy of intriguing and useful features and animation effects that will make their cartoon animations stand out from the rest."

Animiz has pre-tested their software as well as all the available features and functionalities to ensure upscale outcomes for users. Their tools can create seamless animations automatically.

About Animiz
Animiz is a world leading company providing animation-based cartoon video and presentation software that helps various industries enhance their operations. Their software is suitable for both beginners and professional designers. For more information, please visit