Animiz Becomes the Popular Animated Video Editing Software

Animiz animated video editing software is on high demand by enterprises, educators, and marketers who need to enhance their marketing efforts.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/26/2019 --Animiz is the most sought after software development company based in China. The company develops cutting edge animated video editing software for use in diverse industries for business marketing, education, entertainment, and management, among others. Their products come with comprehensible tutorials that users can follow to create and edit their animated videos. The animated video editing software comes with loads of features such as element settings, scene settings, animation settings, timeline settings, scene settings, publishing options, and much more.

"Our software is free and simple to use when making top-rated animated videos," said Jason Chan, Manager of Animiz. "Even users with no prior designing experience can produce stunning animated videos on their own. We provide plenty of tools and features, step-by-step tutorials, and 24-hour customer support to ensure that our valued clients make the most out of our software. Users can explain their complex points vividly through animated videos to keep their audiences informed and also convince them to take action."

Animiz technology is powerful, and it empowers users to design informative, engaging, and entertaining animated videos without any coding. Users can create promotional videos, explainer videos, product demos, business presentations, and much more. The intuitive drag and drop editing feature helps users select characters and objects and place them in new scenes and alter them in the timeline to produce compelling animated videos. Users have access to free video assets, lively animation effects, preset scenes, captions, voice-overs, flexible output options, and a multi-track timeline, and more.

Explaining the versions of the animated video editing software, Mr. Chan continued, "We have both the free and paid versions of the animated video editing software. Our paid version has more advanced features and functionalities to help users create their compelling animated videos with improved options. Our objective is to keep improving our software with more enhanced tools and other options to provide our users great experience when creating and exposing their creations out to the market."

To ensure powerful visualization of animated videos and highlight vital points and marketing information to audiences, users can utilize the built-in chart system offered by Animiz. The software has many chart styles that users can choose to drag and drop into the canvas and customize their animated videos to fit their marketing needs. Animiz also provides an effective cloud-based publishing platform where users can publish their animated videos to the cloud and increase their exposure by sharing them with audiences across different platforms.

About Animiz
Animiz is a world-renowned software development company that provides high-end video editing software for enterprises, marketers, and educators. Users can use their software to create fascinating animated videos for different purposes. For more information, please visit