Animiz Desktop Animation Software Makes Video Animation Simple

Animiz is desktop animation software with an intuitive user interface that lets users make video animations in the easiest way.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/03/2018 --Animation has never been surprising and straightforward as it is today. Animiz desktop animation software is made to help all people who are interested in developing animated videos. It has all the features that are needed by its users to make the thing run and work as required. For fun, fantastic event and business presentations, Animiz desktop animation software is the best. In fact, it has the following features that make it amazing and helpful to all its users.

The good thing about this software is that it is easy to work with. It has four simple steps that users will apply to achieve what they want. The first step will let the user create any type of videos. The next will be customization; animation will follow than lastly, publishing the video if needed. The good thing about the use of this software is that it does not need any type of coding while using it.

The software is designed in a way that gives its users power to control everything. Jerry Fong made sure that this software is beneficial and it has all the resources that are needed for making fantastic animated videos. It has the power to produce videos in more than five formats including .mov, .flv, .avi, .WMV, and the popular .mkv format. The animated videos can also be made in a popular mp4 format that is common to most users.

For better results, Animiz has made sure that the software is free and it can be used for several applications. Through it is free, it can be used in different applications which are productive. For instance, it allows the production of business videos that can be used for presentation. The good thing is that the videos produced are compatible with the current video players.

With its dragging and dropping feature, videos and Gif animations can be made within a minute. The built-in features that are provided by the desktop animation software make it work in a simple way that can be used by any user. All the working and platform is straightforward to use for all users. The user can decide to live the video and the created Gif to be offline or online. The size of the video also varies depending on the application and the animations that are added. Desktop animation software is a smart tool that is made for intelligent people.

About Animiz
Animiz Software Co. Ltd. is a world-leading software development company that develops easy-to-use but powerful animated video presentation software for businesses, education and individuals. The company is dedicated to developing fool-proof animated video presentation software that everyone can use.

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