Animiz Enables Everyone to Make an Animated Video Presentation

Animiz is an online video presentation tool that allows everyone to make an animated video presentation in an easier and quicker manner.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2017 --Making an animated video presentation has never been easier with Animiz - anyone can make animated videos and gifs in minutes. This simple animated video software is a revolution to the world of video production and content marketing as it automates the process of creating video content and cuts the costs required by more than half of what it was initially.

Using Animiz to create engaging videos is as simple as four steps. The first step is where the animation is created. There is a blank canvas that can be used as well as well designed online video templates. Once the animation is created, it gets customized, animated and published.

According to Jason Chan, the manager or Animiz, this online video presentation tool has been designed for those who have little to no coding experience and it works by dragging and dropping elements of the software canvas. This software contains intuitive video assets which can enhance the scenes in the video along with incredible caption and voiceovers.

Animiz contains a host of intuitive features such as drag and drop feature which can be used to add pre-designed characters on blank scenes or pre-designed templates. The level of customization that can be carried out with this animation software is short of astonishing.

One feature that needs mentioning is the templates that have been pre-installed. There are over 300+ stunning scene templates that have been created. These ready-made scenes can be added to the videos to enhance the scenes. There are modern, outdoor and indoor scenes that can be selected to enhance the video.

Starting a video animation afresh on Animiz is a matter of choice, as there is an immense amount of options available on the software. The Built-in Animated Roles includes vivid actions and expressions in formats such as PNG, GIF, and Flash. The use of roles in animated videos cannot be overemphasized as they help in creating visually appealing and captivating stories that would have been difficult to tell if they were absent.

When it's time to customize the video, the background can be changed by alternating between image background and a pure or gradient color for that professional look.

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About Animiz
Animiz Software Co. Ltd. is a world leading software development company to develop easy-to-use but powerful animated video presentation software for business, education and individuals.